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nyse fee change

Trader Alert 2019-026: NYSE Chicago Fee Change

Dear Manager, Effective Monday, November 4, 2019, NYSE Chicago will change their gateway fees, as follows: Gateway/Destination Liquidity Flags Description Current Fee New Fee NYSE Chicago (CHX) Start with A Add liquidity -0.002 0.001 NYSE Chicago (CHX) Start with A Add liquidity (Sub Dollar) -0.00009 10 BP NYSE Chicago (CHX) Start with R Remove liquidity 0.003 0.001 NYSE…
canada dark pools

Trading Opportunities on Canada Dark Pools

November 11, 2019 Dear Manager, We would like to remind traders of the big opportunities on Canadian dark pools. The volume traded through dark venues is increasing constantly, making these venues highly lucrative—especially for passive order flow. Aequitas NEO-D Pegged/Limit/Market Orders that will access the Aequitas NEO-D book. All trading will occur at the midpoint price of…
trade alert barclays

Trader Alert 2019-024: Barclays Special Pricing

November 6, 2019 Dear Manager, As part of a special pricing promotion, Barclays has dropped the gateway fee on their dark pool for the next two (2) months. If our volume on their gateway moves up significantly, Barclays will keep it at the new price indefinitely. For details, please see the following table: For details, please…
mandatory conference call nov 2019

Mandatory Conference Call – November 2019

November 6, 2019 Dear Manager, We are excited to announce that Day Trade The World™ will be holding a mandatory conference call with Select Vantage President and CEO Daniel Schlaepfer. It will be the first in a series of mandatory calls that we will have on a regular basis from now on. Call Details Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019…
Rosenblatt Parity Peg Order

Rosenblatt Parity Peg Order: Order Fee Reduction

November 5, 2019 Dear Manager, Effective from November, 5, Rosenblatt D-quote fees have been reduced to 0.003 per share on all transactions. Rosenblatt D-quote Fees Order Description Current Overdollar Fee Current Subdollar Fee New Fee for Overdollar and Subdollar Closing early – D-quotes entered/modified prior to 3:35 pm 0.0031 0.00055 + 30BP 0.003 Closing – D-quotes entered/modified…

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