Admin Fee Eliminated – Office News & Media Fee Implemented


Dear Manager,

Good news!

We are eliminating the US$500 Administration Fee for all offices effective Monday, July 1, 2019!

At the same time, we will be introducing the Office News and Media Info Fee, which will cover access to both the interactive TraderTV.Live broadcast and real-time news feed in the P8 News Reader.

TraderTV.Live will continue to broadcast direct to DTTW™ offices, offering high audio/video quality, multiple-language support, and interactivity via chat. In addition, the show will include marketplace and vendor interviews as well as video calls—and much more.

The real-time Office News and Media Info feed gives traders (and managers) access to the latest symbol headlines in a real-time stream.

The Office News and Media Info Fee will be applied to all Day Trade The World™ offices as per the table below:

Trader Location

Office News and Media Info Description



* 5+ active traders → $150/month

* <5 active traders → $350/month

Flat fee

(Non-China, Live)

* $150/month

Flat fee, independent of trader count

TMS Only

(International & China)

* Fee waived for first 9 months from office sign-up

Free promotion, does not apply to offices that move from Live to TMS

This change is an enhancement that will benefit offices and reduce costs across the board.

To put it in perspective, with the previous policy: a new international manager is planning to move his office from TMS to Live mode. He has 3 traders and plans to hire more when he goes Live. When his office is Live, he has 6 months to hire 2 more traders to avoid paying the fee. If he keeps only his 3 traders after that time, the fee will be US$460 per month. With the Office News and Media Info fee, he would pay only US$150 per month.

And here is another scenario: a new office moves from TMS to Live within the 9 calendar months. The manager will still receive Office News and Media Info—free—for the nine-month period. If in the third month of being with DTTW™ the office moves to Live, they will still have 6 free months remaining.

For more details, please see the following table:

Office Mode

Old Admin Policy

Office News and Media Info Policy


* Free for new TMS offices

* When TMS office goes Live, it has 6 months to hire more traders to avoid the fee

* Free for 9 months
* If TMS office moves to Live before 9 months end, remaining month(s) are free


* $440–$500/month

* Free if 5+ active traders within 6 months of Live

China offices:

* $150–$350/month

International offices:

* $150/month

Both TraderTV.Live and the real-time Office News and Media Info feed are already available to you in the P8 News Reader, and as such we encourage you to catch up on news and tune in to TraderTV.Live—on air every business day!

These new services are part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the tools and support you need to become a successful day trading office.


As always, your feedback is invaluable in ensuring we continue to add value, so please submit any feedback or questions you have to mojo so that we can address them there.


Communications Team

*Remember to access our PPro8 Wiki and Knowledge Base to learn more.

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