Hong Kong Derivative Warrants Release & Fee Changes

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January 24, 2021

Dear Manager,

We are happy to announce that we are now able to trade Derivative Warrants on the Hong Kong market.

These warrants are a very active part of the Hong Kong market with huge liquidity on many symbols—including 24355.HK24542.HK, and 24679.HK, each doing over 2 billion in volume on March 27 (2020)! And these are just three symbols out of thousands, with new ones being added daily.

Useful info about HK Derivate Warrants

Below you will find useful links to important information on Hong Kong Derivative Warrants:

  • Available Derivative Warrants on PPro8 can be found on TIP, under the APAC section
  • Important details can be found on the official HKEX site
  • Symbol data can be retrieved from the HKEX site

We will be restricting execution on many of these symbols.

Therefore, prior to trading them, please request via mojo all symbols that you or your traders would like to trade so they can be made available.

Hong Kong Gateway Fee Change

Effective Monday, January 25, 2021, the Hong Kong gateway fees will change as follows:

Gateway Liquidity Flags Description Current Fee New Fee
HKE None Hong Kong Gateway Fee (Equities) with stamp tax 11.60 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD)) 12.25 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD))
HKE None Hong Kong Gateway Fee (No Stamp Duty Warrants and applicable ETFs) 1.55 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD)) 1.55 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD))
HK No Flag Hong Kong Gateway Fee (Equities) 12.25 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD)) 15.25 BP + (0.2 BP (Min 2 HKD))

Big Fee Reduction on Hong Kong Exchange [May 2020]

Effective from Wednesday, May 20, 2020, we introduced a big reduction on HKEX fees, as follows:

HKEX fees
Description Current Fee NEW Fee
Securities NOT subject to Stamp Duty (warrants and applicable ETFs) 1.75 BP + (0.2 BP (Min. 2 HKD)) 1.25 BP + (0.2 BP (Min. 2 HKD))
All other securities 12.75 BP + (0.2 BP (Min. 2 HKD)) 11.25 BP + (0.2 BP (Min. 2 HKD))

Inform your traders today about this opportunity to trade a unique market with plenty of liquidity!

Let us know if you have any questions or comments by creating a mojo.

With thanks,

Communications Team

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