Metro Feature Release: Government File Expiry Date Field

June 19, 2019

Dear Manager,

Please be advised that we are implementing an important feature for select Metro processes.

Due to global banking regulations, we now require all DTTW™ offices to submit not just scanned proof of their government identification, but also the expiry date associated with it.

Specifically, we are releasing the mandatory Government ID Expiry Date field for the Add New ManagerNew Trader RequestOffice TMS to Live, and Trader TMS to Live processes in Metro:

It is a simple date selector, where you will click the day, month, and year of expiry for the government ID. In this way, records will be kept as accurate as possible, and business transactions between Head Office and partner offices can continue uninterrupted.

All office owners, managers, and traders must provide the correct expiration date as proof of their government identification.

Failure to submit this critical information can result in offices not being able to add new managers and traders; move an office from TMS to Live mode; or move existing traders from TMS to Live mode. In Metro, if you attempt to save the form with an incomplete expiry date detail, an error message will appear and you will not be able to proceed.

We ask that you please refer to the ID you use to register with Day Trade The World™, and enter the expiry date in the relevant Metro processes, as needed.

In the interests of partner office profitability and smooth trading operations, we thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. For more information, you can read the Metro manuals.

If you have any comments or questions, you can create a mojo.



Communications Team

*Remember to access our PPro8 Wiki and Knowledge Base to learn more.

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