Nasdaq Basic Entitlement

Nasdaq Basic Entitlement – Introduction

As previously announced, Thursday, March 1, 2018, we offered a new data package from Nasdaq. 

“Nasdaq Basic” is a low-cost alternative for users who do not require detailed depth information and only need accurate Level1/Top of Book information.

This new package provides Nasdaq book top level (known as Top of Book/TOB) only. Users using this package only will not receive TOS information or other market participants’ Level2 data.

Traders who require detailed Top of Book information from other participants, and TOS data, will need to use Nasdaq and NYSE Consolidated packages. Traders who require Nasdaq L2 book full depth will need to use the “Nasdaq TotalView” package.

The pricing for this data will be as follows:

Package Name Package Description Price
NQ BASIC TAPE A/B Provides NSDQ (NSDB) L2 book on NYSE and AMEX market (tape A and B) 15.5 USD
NQ BASIC TAPE C Provides NSDQ (NSDB) L2 book on Nasdaq market (tape C) 15.5 USD

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