Nasdaq Canada CXC/CX2 Entitlement Changes

In response to a number of questions we received about the Nasdaq Canada entitlements fees, we would like to clarify some aspects of the change.

For this month, if you wish to switch to Full depth, you can do so until November 3 without the risk of getting double-charged. If you disable the CXC/CX2 Top of book entitlements and enable the Full depth entitlements before that day, at the end of the month you will only be charged for the Full depth entitlement.

After November 3, if you make the change, you run the risk of getting charged twice. If you do so by mistake, you can create a mojo addressed to the Finance Team asking for only the Full depth entitlement to be charged.

As a reminder, the new entitlements and their prices are as below:

New Packages/Prices as of November 1:
CXC TSX Listed Top of book –> 16.95 CAD (13% HST included)
CXC Venture Listed Top of book –> 3.955 CAD (13% HST included)
CXC TSX Listed Full book –> 40.68 CAD (13% HST included)
CXC Venture Listed Full book –> 9.04 CAD (13% HST included)

CX2 TSX Listed Top of book –> 5.65 CAD (13% HST included)
CX2 Venture Listed Top of book –> 3.39 CAD (13% HST included)
CX2 TSX Listed Full book –> 15.82 CAD (13% HST included)
CX2 Venture Listed Full book –> 6.78 CAD (13% HST included)

If you have any questions or comments, please create a mojo.

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