Nasdaq NQBX Gateway Fee Changes (from 12/02)

November 29, 2019

Dear Manager,

Effective Monday, December 2, 2019, Nasdaq and BX will change their gateway fees, as follows:

GatewayLiquidity FlagsDescriptionCurrent FeeNew Fee
NSDQJHidden Add Liquidity (New for Tape A and B)0
NSDQNPassive Midpoint Execution (New liquidity code)0
NQBXA or 7 or 8Fee to Add Displayed Liquidity (Tape C)0.0020.003
NQBXRRemove Liquidity0.00050.0007


Older Fee Change


GatewayLiquidity FlagsDescriptionCurrent FeeNew Fee
NQBXRRemove Liquidity0.00030.0005
NQBXA, 7, or 8Add Liquidity0.00290.0030 for Tape A & B
0.0020 for Tape C
NQBXNAdd Liquidity for Midpoint orders that received price improvement better than the midpoint of the NBBON/A0.003


GatewayLiquidity FlagsDescriptionCurrent FeeNew Fee
NQBXA or 7 or 8Routed to EDGX, adds liquidity0.002 (Tape A and C)
0.0028 (Tape B)
0.0029 (Tape A, B, and C)


If you have any questions or comments, please create a mojo.


Communications Team

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