We are pleased to announce that we will offer a Bitcoin contract for trading on the CME futures market (PPro8 market ID CM), effective trade day December 19, 2017 (today at 6:00 PM ET), for the Live environment. This contract will be available in TMS on the same day.

The contract details are as follows:

CME BitCoin Futures (contract code BTC; BTC in PPro8)

  • Official contract specifications
  • Gateway fee: 8 USD per contract; Execution fee 0.05 USD per contract
  • Requires USD Futures buying power in AMERICAS
  • Traders who are interested in trading this contract need to submit a request through mojo, as detailed in an earlier communication

PPro8 Symbology for CME Contracts



CCC   =   1–3 Digit contract code

M        =   One-digit contract month

YY      =   Two-digit contract year

For example, BTC\F18      BitCoin futures contract, January 2018 expiry

To view quotes for the above contract, as well as to trade it, traders will require the CME entitlement package available in the Metro Entitlements process.

For more details, see the CBOE Futures available symbols list.

If you have any questions or comments, please create a mojo.

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