New Market Opportunity: Blue Ocean (BL)

October 3, 2019

Dear Manager,

Have you taken a look at the Blue Ocean market lately? If not, here’s why you should…

Blue Ocean provides access to U.S. listed ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) during U.S. nighttime (H.K. daytime). They are a technology company that provides access to a live and actionable stream of financial product tick data. These data reflect the content of a liquidity pool in the U.S. In addition, short selling is now available again on these ETFs.

In PPro8, we manage this as a separate “Market” with market extension BL. For more information, please see the Blue Ocean Available Symbol List.

Market Summary

  • Blue Ocean market hours are Sunday–Thursday, 8:00 PM –4:00 AM ET
  • Blue Ocean follows the U.S. market calendar, as published by the NYSE
  • Order Type: only Limit Day orders are currently available

Trading Fees

  • Gateway Fee: 0.0016 per share
  • Clearing Fee: 0.000185 per share
  • Activity Fee: 0.000138 per share (sell side only)
  • Regulatory Fee: 0.0000209 per share
To begin trading on it, traders will need to configure their Keyboard Setup for Market “Blue Ocean” in the APAC region. Additionally, managers will need to:
  1. Request equity BP in USD currency, under the ASIA-PACIFIC region in the Metro Buying Power process, for their traders; and
  2. Enable the Blue Ocean entitlement package (free until further notice), under the ASIA-PACIFIC region in the Metro Entitlements Process, for their traders.
Any outstanding position (i.e., any position left over after 4:00 AM ET) will be treated as an overnight position in this market.
Because the underlying security trades during U.S. hours, big price movements are expected. Therefore, the risk is significant to hold an outstanding position in this market, and an additional fee may be incurred.
Please make sure to cover your traders’ positions before the market close at 4:00 AM ET.
Remember to tell your traders about this trading opportunity!
Let us know if you have any questions or comments by creating a mojo.

Communications Team

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