Rosenblatt Parity Peg Order: Order Fee Reduction


November 5, 2019

Dear Manager,

Effective from November, 5, Rosenblatt D-quote fees have been reduced to 0.003 per share on all transactions.

Rosenblatt D-quote Fees
Order Description Current Overdollar Fee Current Subdollar Fee New Fee for Overdollar and Subdollar
Closing early - D-quotes entered/modified prior to 3:35 pm 0.0031 0.00055 + 30BP 0.003
Closing - D-quotes entered/modified between 3:35 – 3:57 pm 0.0035 0.00055 + 30BP 0.003
Closing late - D-quotes entered/modified after 3:57 pm 0.0038 0.00055 + 30BP 0.003

We are offering access to the Rosenblatt Parity Peg Order from 13th September, 2019. This is a peg order to the NYSE floor broker Rosenblatt's parity pool.

To use this order type, select gateway 'ROSN' and destination 'Rosenblatt ParityPeg' under the 'NYSE' market in Keyboard Setup.

To learn more about the Rosenblatt parity pool, please see their official website.

If you have any questions or comments, you can create a mojo.


Communications Team

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