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August 14, 2020

Canadian F Shares on OTC

Effective Friday, August 14, 2020, traders can enjoy enhanced liquidity with new fees when trading Canadian F shares on OTC (PPro8 gateway: LINK).

These are Canadian interlisted securities with five-letter tickers ending with the letter F, and with the following fees:

Gateway Liquidity Flags Description Fee
LINK P LINX Canadian F over 1 dollar 0.003
LINK P LINX Canadian F between 0.01 and 1 dollar 0.00003
LINK P LINX Canadian F less than 0.01 dollar 30 BP

Traders can filter Canadian F symbols on the OTC Stock Screener page by selecting Foreign Ordinary Shares under Security Types and Canada under Country. Click here for a PDF with more information about OTC F shares.

Older Updates

April 1, 2020

New promotional rate - $.0021 rebate per share executed above $1.00 on OTCX (Destination: LINK)

Dear Manager,

Starting  Wednesday, April 1, 2020, and continuing on until the end of June, OTC Link is offering a new fee structure at a promotional rate exclusively for DTTW™ traders

OTCX provides access to greater liquidity, auto-ex functionality (80% of non-internalized activity), and is fully anonymous for trading over-the-counter securities.

Fee Schedule Above $1.00:

  • Add Rebate $0.0021 per share
  • Remove Fee $0.0034 per share
  • Route Away Fee $0.004 per share


Available Order Types: Limit, Midpoint, Reserve, Hidden, Peg

Market Gateway Liquidity Flags Description Current Fee New Fee
OTC Pink LINK A Adding liquidity on overdollar symbols -0.0007 -0.0021
OTC Pink LINK L or X Routed overdollar symbols 0.00385 0.004
Tell your traders a.s.a.p.—they won't want to miss this!
And watch for their daily OTC Link reports, only on TIP!

March 1, 2018

Please be advised that effective Thursday, March 1, 2018, the OTC LINK gateway introduced a fee for a new liquidity flag, as follows:

Liquidity Flags Over Dollar Fee Below Dollar Fee
L 0.00385 0.00055


Away Fee Update

In Addition, We have been working with our execution provider to enable the OTC LINK gateway to route away when crossing another lit venue.

OTC LINK now becomes the less expensive alternative for aggressive orders routing away.

Route Away Fee Comparison
Fee Description OTC LINK Fees ARCE Fees DBOT Fees
Route away >=$1 0.00385 0.0045 0.0049
Route away <$1 0.00055 0.00058 0.00098

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With thanks,

Communications Team

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