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October 16, 2019

Dear Manager,

Meet the Expert: Laura Hanschke

You can join us on TraderTV.Live tomorrow at 9:05 AM Eastern as we welcome Laura Hanschke to the show!She’ll be talking about what’s happening on the Toronto markets in the moment—so  remember to tune in tomorrow!


Laura Hanschke  
 Senior Account Manager  
TMX Group  


Have your traders been trading Toronto symbols lately? If not, here’s why you should take another look at this opportunity...

Profit Center Summary: TMX Group

  • Canadian operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, and the TSX Alpha Exchange
  • Runs global markets and builds digital communities and analytic solutions that facilitate the funding, growth, and success of businesses, investors, and traders
  • Provides services that include listings, trading, clearing, settling, depository facilities, information services, and technology services for the international financial community
  • Headquartered in Toronto and operates offices across North America, as well as in key international markets
  • The center of the Canadian capital markets

The TMX Group offers efficient, fair, and transparent stock market trading services that provide choice and flexibility to meet the unique needs of traders around the world.

TMX equities marketplaces are supported by a proprietary high-performance trading system—TMX Quantum XATM—and are designed to enhance the liquidity of securities traded on them.

What does this mean for the savvy traders among you? For traders who are technologically inclined, the TMX Quantum proprietary system boasts a sub 100 microseconds on order executions. For the rest of us, that means they're pretty darn fast. 

Now, as traders, we know speed is our friend over the turtle traders out there. Want to take advantage of those new cannabis stocks? Well, TMX Quantum tech is our friend across all supported exchanges. 

Why not bring a tank to a water fight? As traders we take every advantage. So read up and dominate the TMX Exchanges—your bank account will thank you.

  • Market Hours: 9:30 AM–4:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Market Extension: TO, VN
  • Trading Mode: TMS & Live
  • Asset Class: Equity
  • Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
  • Entitlements:
    • ​​Entitlements packages:
      • TSX TO/VN provides Consolidated L1, Consolidated TOS, and Imbalance for TSX and VN
      • TSXL2 TO provides multiple price levels in L2 Book on TSX
      • VENL2 VN provides multiple price levels in L2 Book on VN
  • Order Types: please see the Order Type Reference Guide for complete order type information
  • Fees: please see the Fee Table for complete fee information
  • Top Volume Symbols for September 2019 (TSX):
    • BBD.B.TO
    • DRG.UN.TO
    • NGD.TO
    • RNX.TO
    • BTE.TO
    • ROXG.TO
    • FM.TO
    • LYD.TO
    • NMX.TO
    • ACB.TO
  • Top Volume Symbols for September 2019 (TSX-V):
    • VIT.VN
    • BGM.VN
    • N.VN
    • SCR.VN
    • SUGR.VN
    • DYA.VN
    • BMK.VN
    • XLY.VN
    • MLR.VN
    • PGM.VN
  • Available Symbols: TSXVenture
  • Shorts: intraday short requests allowed
  • Trading Sessions:
    • Continuous Trading: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Good to Know:
    • TSX-V was formerly known as the Canadian Venture Exchange
    • When trading the TSX & TSX-V markets, please note that the TSX gateway is unavailable until 9:25 Eastern Time
    • Alpha, Chi-X, CSE, and Omega are available as normal in the pre-market
    • Order entry remains restricted on those marketplaces where orders are not matched until the opening auction at 9:30 ET
    • The cancel restriction from 9:25–9:30 ET remains in place
    • Please use caution when trading pre-market to avoid shutdowns

How to Trade

To start trading the Toronto markets, you will need to:

  1. Request equity buying power in CAD currency for your traders in Metro: Live Processes: Buying Power: Americas or Metro: TMS Processes: Buying Power: Americas
  2. Enable a TO or VN entitlement package for your traders in Metro: Live Processes: Entitlements: Canada
  3. Configure Keyboard Setup in PPro8 by selecting the “NCSA” region, a Toronto market of your choice ("Canada TSX" or "Canada TSX Venture"), a gateway of your choice, and a destination of your choice

Learn More

Want to read more about it? You can check out these resources:

Tune in to tomorrow to hear Laura Hanschke—live!

(Your traders will thank you)


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