TSX DRK and Select Vantage Order Flow

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March 11, 2020

Dear Manager,

Since the launch and promotion of the TSX DRK dark pool last summer, Select Vantage has become a major contributor to the venue. TSX DRK has been building momentum in the dark space month after month, with continued growth in ADV and market share.

February was their strongest month yet, and March is shaping up to build on those successes even more.

Select Vantage has been a major contributor to DRK by being an early implementer and continuous user of their SDL order type.

  • Monday, March 9, 2020, had a record high daily volume at 45,994,500 shares traded with 32% of dark trading taking place on TSX DRK (MATCHNOW 50%, CXD 15%)
  • Overall, February 2020 reached record monthly high ADV at 15,679,111 shares traded
  • Select Vantage has seen a huge jump in march with the SDL active order type, hitting 892,600 in volume

Have you traded on TSX DRK yet?

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TSX Alpha Fee Change

Please be advised that effective tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the TSX Alpha Exchange will be changing their fees, as follows:

Gateway Liquidity Flags Description Current Fee New Fee
ALPHA P or N or 1 Add Liquidity on ALPH for ETFs 0.0013 0.0004
ALPHA P or N or 2 Add Liquidity on ALPH for Non-ETFs 0.0014 0.0023
ALPHA P or N or 2 Add Liquidity under $1 on ALPH 0.0014 0.0004
ALPHA A or Y or 2 Remove Liquidity on ALPH for ETFs -0.001 0
ALPHA A or Y or 3 Remove Liquidity on ALPH for Non-ETFs -0.001 Unchanged
ALPHA A or Y or 4 Remove Liquidity under $1 on ALPH -0.001 -0.0001

Previous Update (October 1, 2017)

Alpha was lowering their entitlement cost as below.

Alpha Entitlements
Description Current Price New Price
ALPHA (ALB) L2 Book on TSX/VN symbols. Partially subsidized by DTTW™. 13% HST tax included in price. 35 CAD 20 CAD

*Entitlements will continue to be partially subsidized by DTTW™.


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With thanks,

Communications Team

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