Turkey Market Is Back

We are proud to announce that  Thursday, June 29, 2017, Borsa Istanbul (Turkey) is available for trading again in PPro8.

Our trading rules and fees will remain the same as when the market went down in March, however, Head Office will cover the cost of entitlements for Turkey until end of year 2017.

Additionally, we are introducing a new order type: traders can now send Iceberg orders to the Turkey market with a number of shares to display on Level2.
If the display quantity is set to zero (0), the Iceberg order instruction will be ignored and the full share quantity will be displayed.
We would like to remind all offices the close auction rules as they have changed recently, as below.

Turkey Auction Rules

Order Collection Phase
18:01 – 18:05 local time
During this 4-minute period, orders are collected for the closing session, while orders that have been already sent may be modified, split, or cancelled in accordance with the current regulations. The max/min limits are capped with +/- 3% of the last print for each stock. Traders can send aggressive Limit or Market order to participate during this time.
Closing Price Determination and Closing Session Transactions Phase
18:05 – 18:07 local time
In this phase, the closing price is determined for the equities for which orders have been collected during the closing session, and following that, trades at closing price are realized.
Trades at Closing Price Phase
18:08 – 18:10 local time
This is the final phase where new bid and ask orders priced only with the closing price determined during the closing session can be entered to the trading system and can be matched with the pending orders at closing price that have not been executed during the closing session and transferred to this phase, or with those orders entered during this phase, in accordance with the priority rules.More information about the closing auction can be found on the official Borsa Istanbul website.

For more information, read the Borsa Istanbul market guide.

Please encourage your traders to take advantage of this opportunity to trade Turkey.

If you have any questions or comments, please submit a mojo.

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