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  • Access to 50+ global markets through the CubeX hardware
  • Membership in our online coaching program
  • Professional certified courses for traders
  • 24×7 technical support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started?

To become a Day Trade The World™ partner, a US$500 partner application fee is required to get started on our day trading platform.

The partner application fee can be payable by credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, or Western Union.

In addition, a US$3,000 deposit is required once you’re ready to move to a live trading environment.

This deposit is designed to minimize our losses in the event a bad trade is executed and is designed to protect both you, the trader, and Day Trade The World™.

What is included in the $500 partner application fee?

The partner application fee covers registration as well as the cost of the CubeX trading hardware your office will use to access the markets.

This is the mandatory minimum cost of becoming a trading office owner or professional trader with Day Trade The World™.

How does Day Trade The World™ make money?

Day Trade The World™ makes money by taking a very small cut of trading office profits. Through our Trading Floor Development program and online training, we are able to support our partners and trading floor managers to help them get to profitability.

As a result, we only make money when you make money.

I want to run an effective and efficient trading office. How much should I budget?

Budgeting requirements vary from office to office.

Be sure to budget enough funds to cover monthly entitlements fees for markets you want to trade, and for operational expenses arising from running your trading office (office rent/lease, Internet service, telephone service, computer hardware, etc.).

Apart from that, Day Trade The World™ will provide trading capital, in line with your traders’ performance on the markets.

Is there a monthly fee I must pay?

There is an Office News & Media Fee (ON&MF) charge of $150 USD that is payable if you have a Live office. The ON&MF charge covers your access to the Refinitiv news feed in PPro8™ as well as the TraderTV.Live broadcast.

In addition, this charge covers access to other tools such as our Knowledge Base, the PPro8™ Wiki, and support from the Trading Floor Development team. New day trading offices do not have to pay the fee at all for their first 9 months, and have free unlimited access for that time.

Finally, you are also responsible for transaction fees charged on each trade.

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