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Lowest Trading Fees in the World

Lower fees, higher profits. Take advantage of our trading volumes. Get the best trading fees in the world. Make a payment of US$500 (per Office) to get started with the Setup.

Trading Costs hurt your Trading Office Profits

We avoid high trading costs by relying on a large number of Traders and Best Brokers. We have over 3,500 traders with direct-access to dozens of international stock markets.This wide range of trading diversity gives us exceptional economies of scale, which is why we have the lowest fees in the industry.We pass the savings from our low trading costs directly to Traders and Trading Office owners. This empowers our trading Office owners and Traders to trade more freely and make more money, ensuring that profits continue to skyrocket.Check our other pages. We have one of the most detailed Trading Sites on the web explaining how to start a Trading Office.

Our Cut


Forex, and CME-listed Futures trading.1


U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities

All other markets

1. Day Trade The World™ takes 9% on Forex and CME-listed futures trading, 11% of all trading profits made on all U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities and 16% on all other markets, so you would keep 91%, 89% and 84% respectively.

The setup fee – that is, US$500 – due upon sign-up, covers registration as well as the Trading Device that your office will use to access the markets.

This is the mandatory minimum cost of signing up and doing business with DTTW™.

The setup fee requires you to pay US$500. This is all that is required to open a new DTTW™ Trading Office and begin trading using the Training Platform.

Further on, you would need to provide an additional US$3000 prepaid expense deposit to proceed and move to Live trading mode.

Budgeting requirements vary from office to office.

Be sure to budget enough funds to cover monthly entitlements fees for markets you want to trade, and for operational expenses arising from running your Trading Office (office rent/lease, Internet service, telephone service, computer hardware, etc.).

Apart from that, trading capital will be provided to you, courtesy of DTTW™, in line with your traders’ performance on the markets.

There is an Office News & Monthly Info Fee that is payable if your have a Live office. The ON&MI fee covers your access to the Refinitiv news feed in PPro8, as well as the TraderTV.Live broadcast.Together, they offer an uninterrupted stream of high-quality day trading news, data, information, and media.The ON&MI fee effectively replaces the Administration Fee, offering greater value and a much lower cost. New TMS offices do not have to pay the fee at all for their first 9 months, and have free unlimited access for that time.In addition to the ON&MI Fee, you are also responsible for transaction fees charged on each trade.

Certainly. In order to register with DTTW™, you would need to provide the following documents:

- Copy of a government-issued photo identification card

- Certificate of incorporation (if applicable)

You would also need to read, agree to, and sign the Trader Location Agreement and the Manager Duties to Ensure Trader Compliance document.

To verify your identity, we may ask for a scan of your government-issued photo ID, a photo of you holding your ID, as well as your mobile phone number for SMS verification.

At DTTW™, we take security very seriously, so we require identity verification for all office owners, managers, and traders.

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