Included in the refundable $500 Setup Fee

CubeX™: The Advantage of Smart Traders

Easy to use, incredibly powerful, and packed with features you’ll love, CubeX™ is the world’s most advanced system to access the worldwide markets.

CubeX: Easy to Setup & Incredibly Powerful.

Gain a competitive advantage in day trading, an advanced technology not available anywhere else. CubeX solves many technical problems. It enhances network connectivity and it is a key tool to trade professionally.

  • Trade like a pro, even with "bad" internet
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Direct Market Access
  • Higher memory
  • Faster quad-core processor
  • Support for 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • Intelligent packet routing
  • Enhanced packet management
  • Less downtime
  • Less setup time
  • Included in the $500 refundable Setup Fee

Free FedEx shipping... worldwide!

The future of day trading is here.

Start trading like a pro.

Features of CubeX

Plug & Play

  • Unbox it, plug it in and start using the Training Platform.
  • Free shipping worldwide with tracked FedEx envelope.
  • You must be satisfied or you get your money back.


CubeX uses RSRP®, an advanced routing protocol which automatically adjusts connectivity to guarantee that your office is always using the best connection at all times.

Smart Packet Routing

CubeX continuously monitors network quality and reacts rapidly to external network issues. At least 91.2% of the time, the CubeX automatically detects the best network route to the data center, leaving only 8.8% to human intervention.

Better Packet Management

CubeX uses an advanced proprietary algorithm for data packet handling, providing weak office networks with more reliability. Data packet recovery is provided 89.6% of the time by the CubeX and 10.4% by the data center.
RSRP Table

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