International Certified Day Trading Course

Registration is now open for the international accredited Day Trading Program—the first certificate program that connects traders around the world through training, best practices, and practical applications. During course development, Select Vantage Inc. and industry partners offered extensive consultation to create a common standard that is applicable across various global regulatory entities. The program is free for DTTW™ offices only.

Day Trading Certified Course

Learn the basics.

The world of day trading may seem complex and out of reach for many. The Day Trading Program (DTP) was developed to ensure that this is no longer the case. With the Introduction to Day Trading Course, beginners will learn the principles, techniques, and rules of day trading, and experienced traders will gain valuable insights and new strategies.

Acquire key trading concepts.

Day trading is fast-paced and dynamic. There is high earning potential and the promise of a more independent future. Introduction to Day Trading is designed with the success of the student in mind and focuses on key trading concepts as well as important regulatory and ethical considerations.

Get the certificate.

Introduction to Day Trading gives students the resources they need to grow their expertise and expand their professional skill set. Students will be required to write a multiple-choice exam, with a minimum passing grade of 60%. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of achievement. All told, the program includes a course textbook, an online exam, and a downloadable certificate.
Note: the course is not mandatory for traders to trade or to go Live. It is simply meant to further traders' knowledge, hone their skills, and offer invaluable insights into the art and science of day trading. You can think of it almost like LMS taken to the next level. And just like LMS, it's free for Day Trade The World™ offices like yours.


Successful students will enjoy the following benefits:

Better knowledge of financial markets.

Increased trading confidence.

Reduced liability.

Also available is the Introduction to Derivatives Course (at a discounted price), with more courses currently in development to be announced in the near future.

Free early-access course registration is now open for all offices!