Day Trading Legend Swift Trade Continues

Day Trade The World™ has been growing at an unbelievable pace after it acquired Day Trading Legend Swift Trade in 2011. Most of Swift’s management and support staff stayed on, ensuring the continuity of a 17-year day trading tradition. Day Trade The World™ has also maintained Swift’s famous PPRO8 trading software that is, bar none, the best in the industry, giving access to more stock markets than any of its competitors.

During its long history, over 20,000 people traded with Swift Trade on trading floors in 41 countries. In addition to accessing stock markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas, SwiftTraders have traded on futures markets.

At Day Trade The World™, we are expanding the business by adding new stock markets and new asset classes to our trading system.

We believe that every new market presents new opportunities to our traders that allows them to make more money. Our goal is to give you access to all the 137 electronically traded exchanges around the world.

While we are expanding our product offerings on our trading software, we continue to strive to give you the lowest cost in the industry. Due to our huge trading volumes, we can negotiate the best deals and pass on those savings to you.

Not only will we give you the best rates, but also the highest payouts in the industry. We recognize that if our trading floor owners and their traders are well compensated, they will work harder to make even more money. We know: We only make money when they make money!

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