How You Make Money

When you start a trading floor, you use our technology and our money to trade. You hire people to trade and you train them through our full training. They also learn how to make money in stocks by practicing trading with our revolutionary TMS.

After your traders become profitable and have become familiar with how to make money in stock market, they start trading with our capital. When they make a profit, the money is split between you (large percentage), traders (medium-large percentage) and us (very small percentage).

  • Full Training
    For you as a trading floor manager and for your traders, so that they can make money on the markets. Learn More >
    The detailed training also prepares the traders how to make money in stocks
  • Hardware + Software
    With the innovative P8 Cube and our acclaimed PPRO8 Trading Software, trading the global markets has never been easier.
  • Capital to Trade
    All traded capital is provided by Day Trade The World™
  • Access to 54 (and growing!) International Markets
    From NYSE to BOVESPA, you can trade more than 50 international stock and futures markets. Learn More >
  • 24-Hour Support (FREE)
    Our experienced team will help you set up your trading floor and support your operations. Learn More >

How To Make Money In Stocks 

We want you and your traders to be successful therefore we teach you all the winning strategies on how to make money in the stock market. 

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