The right time.

The right industry.

The right partner.

At Day Trade The World ™, we earn money only when office owners earn money. Unlike other companies, we do not make money on commissions. We take only a small percentage of the Office's profits.

8 Steps

to your profitable Trading Office

  • 1. Training
  • 2. Receive the Cube-X
  • 3. Build your Trading Team
  • 4. Find an office space and get computers
  • 5. Start practicing on the Training Platform
  • 6. Analyze your results
  • 7. Go Live
  • 8. Start making profits

During all steps, you will be assisted by our teams.
We have 3 specialized teams who work for your success:


Trading Floor Development


Join an exclusive group of Day Trading professionals.

Get the knowledge and the tools required to succeed.

Before starting your Trading Office, you should finish the New Manager Training course and received the Trading Device. This can be done anytime by signing the Agreement and making the $500 payment.

We support you every step of the way.


Professional tools & Design makes our investments more valuable. And that’s how we work with our startups — as partners.
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24-Hour Support (FREE)

Our experienced team will help you set up your trading floor and support your operations.
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And that's what is in for you

Hardware + Software

With the innovative P8 Cube™ and our acclaimed PPro8™ Trading Software, trading the global markets has never been easier.
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Access to 54+ International Markets

From NYSE to BOVESPA, you can trade more than 50 international stock and futures markets.
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Capital to Trade

All traded capital is provided by Day Trade The World™.
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Join a Multi-Trillion Dollar industry.

Day Trading is a Multi-Trillion-Dollar industry that continues to grow. Day Trade The World™ focuses on day trading because demand stays constant during good and bad economic times – ensuring that your Trading Office won’t be affected by fluctuating trends or changes in technology.

Trade only with the world's #1 Day Trading business.

Start your Trading Office and hire traders.

After your traders become profitable and have become familiar with how to make money in stock market, they start trading with our capital. When they make a profit, the money is split between you (large percentage), traders (medium-large percentage) and us (very small percentage). We want you and your traders to be successful therefore we teach you all the winning strategies on how to make money in the stock market.