Direct market access to Equity, Currencies and Futures markets.

Available Equity Markets

Available Currencies Markets

blank   Forex Currencies (FX)

blank   Forex Metals (FM)

blank   Mini Forex (D1)


Why Trade Forex? Forex, or Foreign Exchange Market, is the place where currencies are traded. Furthermore, the Forex Market is the most popular, and most liquid financial market in the world.

Other facts about Forex

 The Size is unprecedented and unmatched by any other global market  Opposed to the other markets, is open 22/5  You do not need huge amount of money to be able to trade huge amounts of currency.

Available Futures Markets


blank   Eurex Futures (EU)  

Why trade Futures? Futures are derivates contracts that derive value from a financial asset (stock, bond or index), and are a great vehicle for hedging and managing risks.

Some quick facts about Futures

 Futures are Highly Leveraged Investments
 Future Markets are very liquid
 Short Selling is Legal
 Futures Contracts are basically only paper Investments
Speculators can make fast money