Start a Trading Floor

What is a Trading Floor

    • Trading floor is an office area where traders buy and sell variety of stocks and securities
    • As a trading floor manager, you will oversee every trader and take a percentage of each trader’s profits
    • The advantage of running a trading floor is that all transactions can be easily managed, analyzed and optimized in one central location
    • Trading floor managers and traders use our capital and technology to trade more than 57 global equity and futures markets

Get Your Office Up & Running With $10,000

      • You can have an up-and-running trading floor with a little more than $10,000 (you only pay us $500 — See Brochure for detailed costs)
      • The low operating costs making it easy for you to reach profitability
      • We give you the money to trade

Trading Floor Technology 

        • Through our specialized trading software, traders spot inefficient performances in the markets and use those opportunities to make money
        • Traders practice with TMS™, the free trading software and market simulator that feels, looks and performs exactly like our famous PPRO8 Trading Software
        • TMS™ behaves just like the real market

make money in the markets

Making Money on the Markets

        •  Day Trade The World™  provides innovative technology and training that train traders make money in the markets

No Trading Experience? No problem.

        • You don’t need any trading experience to run a successful trading floor business.
        • Read what other trading floor managers have to say about  Day Trade The World™ . Read Now>

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