What is a Trading Office?

Trading office is an office area where traders buy and sell variety of stocks and securities

Manage your Own Business

As a trading office manager, you will oversee every trader and take a percentage of each trader’s profits

Take Control

The advantage of running a trading office is that all transactions can be easily managed, analyzed and optimized in one central location

Advanced Technology

Trading office managers and traders use our capital and unique technology to trade more than 57 global equity and futures markets.

Make the most of your money with DTTW

Get Your Office Up & Running With $500

Low Fees

The low operating costs making it easy for you to reach profitability.

5 Star Support

Whenever a market is open, we provide you the best assistance to help you make money.


You can have an up-and-running trading office with less than $10,000 (you only pay us $500 — See Brochure for detailed costs)

Making Money on the Markets

Day Trade The World™ provides innovative technology and training that train traders make money in the markets

Trading Office Technology


Increased Performance

Through our specialized trading software, traders spot inefficient performances in the markets and use those opportunities to make money.


Practice It

Traders practice with TMS™, the free trading software and market simulator that feels, looks and performs exactly like our famous PPRO8™ Trading Software.


Real Practice

TMS™ behaves just like the real market, so you can test your strategies before going live.

No trading experience necessary. You just need a passion for making money.

No Trading Experience? No Problem.

No experience needed

You don’t need any trading experience to run a successful trading office business.


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