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Crude Oil Trading

4 Steps to really Improve Crude Oil Trading

The Guide to Crude Oil Trading profitably Crude Oil is one of the most liquid commodities in the market. According to the CME Group, more than $80 billion worth of oil is traded on a daily basis. This Crude Oil is used to power vehicles and machines around the world. This liquidity has led to…
A Guide On How to Analyze and Make Decisions on Crude Oil

How to Analyze and Make Decisions on Crude Oil

How to Analyze and Make Decisions on Crude Oil The world runs on cruder oil. Without it, it would be impossible for globalization to happen. This is because airlines and the shipping industry would not be possible. Equally, it would be impossible for large agricultural producers to farm their lands and the miners to produce…
The Failures of OPEC Explained

Trade Oil: 21 Essential Terms you must know!

21 Essential Terms to Trade Oil Crude oil is one of the most important industries to trade. This is because of its liquidity and the dynamism in the industry. In crude, you can always expect new news every day. To become an exceptional oil trader, it is very important to understand several terminologies. Here are…

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