Terms and Conditions


Last update: August, 28th 2020


Welcome to Day Trade the World™!

Once you sign back this letter agreement, you will be given access to our trading system
PPro8 TM and related online support on the following terms:

  1. Our Trading Floor Development (TFD) team will assist you in setting up your own trader location, as well as coaching you on best practices to achieve trading floor success.
  2. All of your location’s trading will be done in our simulated trading environment Training Mode Superb (TMS). Your location’s trading gains and losses in TMS are entirely simulated, giving you a risk-free period for your traders to learn to trade through PPro8 TM .
  3. The only cost to you is a non-refundable $500. 00 set-up fee for registration and receipt of our proprietary CubeX device, which connects your location to our trading network.
  4. All information that we provide you and your traders is proprietary and confidential to us. You and your traders shall not: (a) disclose any such information to any third party (except as required by law); or (b) use such information for any purpose other than trading with us. For example, you and your traders must not trade on any market using any other trading system while accessing our TMS environment. All logos used by us, including Day Trade the World TM and PPro8 TM , are proprietary and may not be used by you or your traders without our written permission.
  5. Please note that all of your traders must be physically present at your trader location when accessing our trading platform. Remote access of any kind is not permitted.
  6. You may not use our corporate names or logos (such as Day Trade the World TM ), without our consent.  Please contact one of our representatives if you wish to use our logo or refer to our brand in any way on your website or in any advertising materials.
  7. Once you “go live” with Day Trade the World TM , the monthly fee you will earn from us is described in Schedule A to this letter.


SCHEDULE A - Monthly Fee

(Effective July 1, 2019)

Your monthly fee for Your services provided under the Agreement will be determined and paid as follows:
(a) Definitions:

“Cut per Contract” – The amount determined in the Trading System, as may be amended from time to time.¹
Trader Location’s Monthly Gross Revenues” means the gross revenue earned (or loss incurred) in a particular calendar month from trading securities by the Vantage Group from out of Your Trader Location, less:

  • gateway charges (i.e., fees charged in respect of the applicable executing broker and/or marketplace and/or routing gateway), which may be negative (i.e., credits earned)
  • regulatory fees charged per security or value of security traded

In addition, all profits resulting from closing-out an overnight position on account of Your Trader Location will be excluded from the foregoing calculation, and all resulting losses will be included in the foregoing calculation.

(b) Monthly Fee Determination for the Month – You will be paid the following monthly fee (when positive):

(i) the Trader Location’s Monthly Gross Revenues,


(ii) for the corresponding calendar month: (A) the Cut per Contract; (B) clearing and transaction fees attributable to Your Trader Location; and (C) all other trading expenses incurred by the Vantage Group that are directly attributable to Your Trader Location’s trading activity².

(c) Payment in Arrears; Netting – Payment of the monthly fee for any particular month will be made one month in arrears. If, and only if, the monthly fee for that particular month (the “Earned Month”) is positive, and the monthly fee projected for the current month (the “Current Month”) is positive, then the monthly fee for the Earned Month will be paid out in full at the end of the Current Month.

However, if the Trader Location’s Monthly Gross Revenues for the Earned Month is negative, or the Trader Location’s Monthly Gross Revenues for the Current Month are projected to be negative, or both, then such losses will be deducted against the current or subsequent Earned Month fees otherwise payable.


¹ As of this time, the Cut per Contract is 11% for all U.S., Canadian and Brazilian equities, 9% for forex and CME-listed futures trading, and 16% for all other trading. 

² All Trader Locations (also known as “offices”) are subject to the Office News and Media Info Fee. For the first nine (9) months Your office is exempted. If You move Your office to Live before the nine months, You will still get the remaining months free. If Your office is part of an office group, the fee will be billed for each office in the group.