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Recession tips: 3 stocks to trade or buy now?

Recession is the hot buzzword of the month. Neal, Brendo and Shawn share tips for how to trade stocks during a recession.

The Rule of Three in Multi-Timeframe Analysis

rule of three timeframes

Multi-timeframe analysis is the process of making trading decisions by looking at several time frames first. The strategy is helpful because it helps traders identify the primary trend and potential support and resistance levels.

In this article, we will look at multi-timeframe analysis and how you can use the rule of three to succeed.

Which Are The Most Successful DAY TRADING STRATEGIES IN 2022?

What are the most successful day trading strategies in 2022?

This video will discuss the top 3-day trading strategies for success. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these strategies will help you stay ahead of the curve and make consistent profits.

Loss aversion bias can be lethal to your trading career

loss aversion bias

Aversion is a common term in the financial industry. It is mostly associated with risk aversion, which is a situation where a person does not like taking risks in the market. These investors, instead, prefer safe assets like bonds.

However, risk aversion can easily result in a cognitive bias that is almost crippling for a day trader: the loss aversion bias.

In this article, we will focus on loss aversion bias and how to overcome it.

Trading Imbalances Successfully: All You Need To Know!

If you're looking to trade imbalances successfully, then you need to watch this video!

Strategies for trading the belt hold line

belt hold line candlestick

Candlestick patterns play an important part in chart analysis. They refer to the process of looking at a chart and using its pattern to determine whether it will rise or fall.

There are many candlestick patterns that you can use in this analysis like doji, hammer, and morning star. In this article, we will focus on a candlestick pattern known as the belt hold line.

3 Tips Every Beginner Trader Need to Know

Are you thinking of starting day trading?

Before you enter the market, there are three things every trader must know.

Strategies for Managing Recency Bias in Trading

recency bias

Recency bias is a popular trading term in the financial market.

It refers to a situation where traders focus on the most recent news and economic events while ignoring older and important events in the market. In short, something potentially catastrophic.

In this article, we will look at what recency bias is and some of the most important strategies to approach it.

How to short sell in a bear market and make money

When the stock market takes a downturn, some investors turn to short selling as a way to make money.

In this video, Neal and Shawn talk about what short selling is, how it works, and the risks and rewards involved.

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