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risks day trading crypto

Want to Day Trade Crypto? Risks to Watch For, Revealed!

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way in the past decade. At their peak, all cryptocurrencies were valued at over $3 trillion, making them a major asset class. By September 2023, these coins had a market cap of over $1 trillion.  There are also over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin having a dominant position. In this article, …

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cash account day trading

Cash Account, What Is It? A Mediocre Choice for Day Traders

Day trading is a popular approach for making money online. It refers to a process where investors buy and sell financial assets like stocks, currencies, and commodities with the goal of generating short-term profits.  Day traders need to first create accounts with brokers who act as intermediaries in the market. Brokers like Robinhood and Schwab …

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moving averages

The Best Moving Averages for Day Trading You Should Master

In the financial market, no one can predict accurately how an asset can move. In many instances, people who try to predict the future prices without any analysis fail. This is because the market is made up of complex parts that move as a result of different triggers. To make better predictions, traders, analysts, and …

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trading breaks matters

Take Breaks, Avoid Fatigue and be a More Productive Trader

Day trading is a process where people buy or sell financial assets like stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies with the goal of making a profit within the day. The alternatives to day trading are swing trading and investing, where people hold their trades for a while.  Day trading can be highly profitable, especially when a …

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is day trading for you

Is Day Trading Right for you? The Signs of Guaranteed Doom!

Day trading is one of the best approaches to making money online. It has numerous advantages like flexibility, the ability to make profits on the first day, many assets to trade, and a wide variety of strategies you can use. Day trading has evolved over the years and is now accessible to most people globally. …

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benefits of the financial markets

5 Insane Benefits of Trading in the Financial Markets

Day trading has slowly become one of the most popular approaches to make money online. Its popularity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic when most people were staying and working from home. Day trading is a process where people buy and sell financial assets with the goal of making a profit within a few minutes. In …

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