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What Are The Most Useful Undergraduate Degrees To Become A Day Trader?

undergraduate degrees

For those who find the idea of a job in the financial markets fascinating, we'll go through the types of degrees need to succeed in this high-paying but high-risk field.

Tips on Keeping a Trading Journal and Tracking Your Progress

tips for trading journal

A trading journal is every trader’s essential tool to track progress. It includes details about your trades, notes on why you didn’t enter a trade, what you did, and what results you’ve obtained. In the long run, having all those details written down somewhere allows you to evaluate yourself objectively and learn from your mistakes and successes.

Everything a Day Trader Should Know about Trading SPACs

spac trading

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a blank-check firm that goes public for the purpose of merging with an existing company. They became increasingly popular in 2020 and 2021. In this article, we will explain what Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are, how they work and how to trade them.

1 Minute Scalping Strategies You Need To Know

In this video, we will explain and give you some ideas for the most versatile 1-minute scalping strategies out there. Only takes a minute to execute, and can be profitable if done correctly and follow these key tips!

These Metaverse Stocks Need To Be On Your Radar

The stock market is always changing! If you're looking for some hot stocks to invest in, then you need to check out these metaverse stocks! In this video, we'll share our favorites metaverse stocks to put on your radar.

What are the best times to trade?

This video is for all those traders out there who are constantly asking themselves, when is the best time to trade? We will give a few tips on how to make smart trading decisions based on what type of market you're in at what time.