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Communication post del 16 marzo

Nasdaq Basic Entitlement

Nasdaq Basic Entitlement – Introduction As previously announced, Thursday, March 1, 2018, we offered a new data package from Nasdaq.  “Nasdaq Basic” is a low-cost alternative for users who do not require detailed depth information and only need accurate Level1/Top of Book information. This new package provides Nasdaq book top level (known as Top of Book/TOB) only. Users using…
Blog del 15 Marzo

A Look at the Best Currency Pairs to Trade

A Look at the Best Currency Pairs to Trade – Introduction  Every day, traders from around the world exchange more than $5.3 trillion in currencies. An year ago, this number was about $5.6 trillion. Even with the decline, it is still the world’s largest industry by volumes. Technology and competition have played a part in…
13 marzo Blog coomunication

ARCA Imbalance Feed

ARCA Imbalance Feed – Introduction We are glad to announce that Friday, March 2, 2018, we was enabling the ARCA Imbalance feed. We have made improvements to the handling of the data to reduce the impact of this traffic on the network. We was monitoring closely and make further adjustments as needed. Please encourage your traders to take advantage…
Blog del 13 Marzo

The Best Commodities all Traders Should Try

The Best Commodities all Traders Should Try – Introduction You possibly love trading stocks, currencies, or indices. To many traders, these are the most important financial assets to trade. However, to others, the best assets are commodities. This is because of the integral role the commodities play in the world economy. Think about a world…
OTC MARKETS 12 marzo

TA 2018-004: OTC LINK Route Away Fee

We have been working with our execution provider to enable the OTC LINK gateway to route away when crossing another lit venue. OTC LINK now becomes the less expensive alternative for aggressive orders routing away. Route Away Fee Comparison Fee Description OTC LINK Fees ARCE Fees DBOT Fees Route away >=$1 0.00385 0.0045 0.0049 Route…