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#RingTheBell: The Key Data to Watch out for Next Week

NFP, China PMI, and Everything to Watch Out in the Coming Week This week, as has been the case in the weeks before, the focus among traders has been about Coronavirus. The disease has had significant impacts on the world economy and the financial markets. For example, all the gains made during the Trump administration…

How to Spot and Trade a ‘Dead Cat Bounce’

In recent weeks, we have seen a lot of volatility in the financial market. The amount of volatility, as measured by the CBOE volatility index, has increased by more than 100% as market participants fear about a recession. As a result, global stocks have fallen by more than 20% while the dollar index has strengthened.…

How to Use the Ulcer Index to Manage Portfolio Risks

Ulcers is one of the most common and uncomfortable illnesses you can ever have. The disease happens when a thick layer of mucus that protects your stomach is reduced. The Ulcer Index (UI), which is not a popular trading indicator, was created based on the idea of stomach ulcers. The indicator was created by Peter…

Aroon Indicator: How to Determine if an Asset is Trending

As a trader, having a good understanding of technical analysis is mandatory. This is simply because you will use technical indicators to predict the price action of the financial asset. In the past few months, we have been covering various aspects of technical indicators. We have looked at indicators ranging from simple moving averages to…

Vortex Indicator: How to Capture Trend Movements!

As a trader, having a good understanding of technical indicators and how to interpret them is very essential. These indicators help you predict the direction of a financial asset. There are hundreds of indicators, which you can use in the financial market. One of these indicators is Vortex indicator, which was developed by Etienne Botes…

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