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Day Trading blog is one of the most important sections of our site, and we update it several times a week

Here you can find posts on subjects as wide-ranging as:

  • Explanation and guide about Technical indicators
  • In-depth analysis of specific listed companies
  • News that can result in market moves
  • Useful tips you can use to built your winning trading strategies

As you know, reading fresh news is one of the most important activity a day trader does, either before the opening bell or during the trading day.

But understand what you are reading and how it can affect the markets is just as important!

But no, we don’t give you the key for the heaven. Or, at least, not in this way.

It might seem impossible for you – expecially at the beginning – to master all the nuances of trading (we have a whole team that write and help the growth of this blog).

This is why we suggest that you focus on just one or two topics at first, if you want to become an independant trader.

This can change if you want to build a team and open your own trading office, or if you just have one.

→ How to Get Rich by Starting Your Own Trading Office

Please understand: reading and studying is just a part of day trading (yes, one of the most important, we have just said, but a part in any case). And if you are not confident in your skills, you have to train them.

Don’t trade in random mode!

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All that remains is to wish you, simply: good reading and good trades!

range trading

Range Trading Explained: Here’s How it Works in The Markets

A range-bound market is one that is basically struggling to find direction. For example, if a stock hovers between $10 and $12 for an extended period, it can be said to be ranging. Similarly, if the stock is rising or falling slowly, the situation can be said to be ranging. In this article, we will…
earnings season tips

5 Biggest Tips to Trading Earnings Like a Pro!

The earnings season are popular periods in the financial market when most companies in the S&P 500 index publish their quarterly results. The season officially kicks off when big banks like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup publish their results. In this article, we will look at what the earning season is (a…
stock market bubble

Are We in a Stock Market Bubble? How to Know, How to Trade

A stock market bubble refers to a situation in which equities are extremely overvalued in relation to their intrinsic value. This situation mostly happens due to irrational exuberance among investors and the thinking that stocks will always keep rising. If you think about it, we’ve seen some very significant ones in recent years. In this…
dividend stocks

Are Dividend Stocks a Good Trading Opportunity?

Dividend stocks is a term that refers to companies that return payments to their shareholders periodically. Some companies pay these dividends every month while others pay the payout every quarter. Other firms pay a dividend once per year. Now the big question; is this method good only for long time investors or also for day…
market timing

How Does Market Timing Fit (and When) into Day Trading?

Market timing is a controversial topic in trading and investing. There are many passive investors like Warren Buffett who advise strongly against timing the market. Other active money managers believe strongly in market timing. In the past few years, James Simmons, a quantitative hedge fund manager has achieved the best returns in the market thanks…

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