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trade the open

How to Trade the Open and Manage your Risks

The open and close are the most important periods in the stock market. The open is important because it is the time when most traders are rushing to buy or sell their holdings. For example, if a company released its earnings in the aftermarket, many traders will move to react to the news when the…
dark pool

How to Trade Dark Pools in Day Trading

The stock market is basically a venue where traders and investors meet to buy and sell shares and other types of assets. In the United States, brokers provide their investors a lot of information that help them understand the order flows and movements of key assets. We have covered briefly about this information when we…
trading edge

How to Get an Edge in Trading as a Day Trader

Millions of people start their trading career every year. However, only a handful of them make it in the industry. There are several reasons why only a handful group of traders succeed in the industry. First, they take time to learn, develop a strategy, and backtest it. Second, they remain disciplined when implementing their strategies.…
level 2 quotes

How to Use Level 2 Quotes for Day Trading

A few weeks ago, we looked at the concept of reading the tape, which is also known as tape reading. We also looked at the concept of imbalance, which refers to the actions by buyers and sellers in the market. In this report, we will look at the concept of level 2 in trading. What…
stop order vs stop limit order

Stop Order vs Stop Limit Order: Which is Best for your Strategy?

Traders use several types of orders in the financial market. For starters, an order is simply a request sent to the broker asking them to initiate a trade. The main types of orders are: market orders limit orders stop loss stop limit orders Here we go to see the fundamental differences between stop orders and…

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