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Day Trading blog is one of the most important sections of our site, and we update it several times a week

Here you can find posts on subjects as wide-ranging as:

  • Explanation and guide about Technical indicators
  • In-depth analysis of specific listed companies
  • News that can result in market moves
  • Useful tips you can use to built your winning trading strategies

As you know, reading fresh news is one of the most important activity a day trader does, either before the opening bell or during the trading day.

But understand what you are reading and how it can affect the markets is just as important!

But no, we don’t give you the key for the heaven. Or, at least, not in this way.

It might seem impossible for you – expecially at the beginning – to master all the nuances of trading (we have a whole team that write and help the growth of this blog).

This is why we suggest that you focus on just one or two topics at first, if you want to become an independant trader.

This can change if you want to build a team and open your own trading office, or if you just have one.

→ How to Get Rich by Starting Your Own Trading Office

Please understand: reading and studying is just a part of day trading (yes, one of the most important, we have just said, but a part in any case). And if you are not confident in your skills, you have to train them.

Don’t trade in random mode!

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All that remains is to wish you, simply: good reading and good trades!

risk comes from not knowing

Why “Risk Comes from Not Knowing What You're Doing”?

Risk management is an important concept in day trading. It is an essential concept because of the significant risks that are involved in the market. It is estimated that most people who start trading lose money. "Risk Comes from Not Knowing What You're Doing" is a quote from the famous investor Warren Buffett. One of…
undervalued stocks

Undervalued Stocks: How to Find, Analyze and Trade Them

We all want to buy cheap items and sell them at a higher price. This happens in all industries, including real estate, commodity trading, and stocks. Of course, even in trading, unless you focus only on short selling, the same principle applies: we want to buy at a cheap price and make profits by selling…
algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading AKA How to Get Bots Trade for You

Algorithmic trading is one of the most advanced approaches of making money in the financial market. It is used widely in high finance by some of the leading players in the industry. Some of the top algorithmic trading hedge funds are Rennaisance Technologies and DE Shaw. This article will explain what algorithmic or quantitative trading…
financial crimes

Financial Crime: 3 Essential Tips To Prevent It

Financial crime is one of the biggest issues on a global level for many years now. It all looks like a cat-and-mouse game without the chance for any of the sides to win completely. However, while financial crime is here to stay, that’s no reason why you should let it slide in your company. There…
profits in all markets

Stock Trading Strategies for all Market Conditions

Day trading has become popular in the past few years. Millions of retail and institutional traders trade every day. However, the market is always changing as it goes through numerous events. For example, in 2008, the main theme was the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). In 2020, the main theme in the market was the Covid-19…

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