15 Best Trading Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting resources for investors today. Economists are studying the relationship between tweets and changes in global markets. Hedge funds are using this information to make smarter decisions.

On Twitter, information travels faster than ever, and investors are taking advantage. If you’re interested in getting the latest information about stocks on Twitter, follow these accounts.

15 Best Trading Accounts to Follow on Twitter:

  1. TradetTv.Live: Our partners have carved out an important space in a short time thanks to their live show on youtube. On their Twitter profile, in addition to some video pills, you can find advice on the premarket and on the stocks to keep an eye on. Follow @TraderTVLive
  2. CNBC: CNBC is a great starting point if you’re just getting into following stocks on Twitter. This major news network posts all kinds of news-related stories focusing on financial markets. Tweets include company profiles, major economic trends, mergers and breaking news. When a company is mentioned by CNBC, it moves, so this is a great place to look for small companies that are about to go big 
  3. RANsquawk: RANsquawk provides real-time alerts and news through a premium service. Follow @RANsquawk to access the most important financial news, stocks and global economic features. News that breaks on RANsquawk drives the world financial index and shift markets in the United States and internationally, so it’s a good feed to read. 
  4. The_real_fly:This is one of the most followed feeds on the interactive community StockTwits, which collects financial information from Twitter and social media sites. Follow @the_real_fly to stay current on market trends, trading ideas and articles that provide further insight on important financial issues. 
  5. Wsjmarkets: You probably subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, but you can get even more global financial news by following @wsjmarkets on Twitter. The WSJ offers analyses, news, company profiles and in-depth economic assessments of world markets. 
  6. Harmongreg: With 50,000 followers, Greg Harmon is one of the most popular traders on Twitter and StockTwits. He’s a professional trader for Presidium Capital and offers a variety of trading advice on Twitter and in group discussions on StockTwits. His feed includes real-time trade ideas and observations on the world financial index and changes in individual markets. 
  7. TraderStewie: Trader Stewie is operated by ArtOfTrading.net, an organization with 15 years of experience. This feed includes information on trending stock prices, volume and trading movement. Use these observations to generate company lists that can be researched on your own time. 
  8. Danzanger: Learn more about chart analysis, and pick up smart trading ideas by following @danzanger. Zanger is a famous swing trader who turned a five-figure investment into $40 million in profit. On Twitter, he provides trading tips, news and educational information. Since all Twitter stock market information can’t be explained in 140 characters, some tweets link back to ChartPattern.com where you’ll find additional resources. 
  9. Stt2318: If you start your day by visiting YourDailyWatchlist.com or RealTimeChartAlerts.com, add the related @stt2318 Twitter account to your following list. This is the feed to watch for charts, trading alerts, stock lists and recommendations. Some content relates to current articles and newsletters that are available to premium subscribers. 
  10. Fousalerts: If you focus on micro-cap stocks, penny stocks and small investments, you’ll be interested in following Cameron Fous. His feed is filled with real-time alerts and trading info. Followers can access additional resources through his premium subscription service. Since 2011, Fous made a name by earning over $550,000 trading small-caps stocks all valued under $1 per share. Today, he’s sharing his secrets for making money. 
  11. Bloombergnews: Bloomberg is the king of financial new outlets. You can stay up-to-date on global markets, securities and commodities by following @bloombergnews. If you are constantly tuning into the radio or checking the web for market news, you can follow @bloombergnews instead. This twitter account provides real-time coverage on breaking news, market shifts, economic headlines and world events. 
  12.  Peterlbrandt: Peter L. Brandt is a familiar name. He’s been trading since 1981 using classic chart techniques. He’s also the author of “Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader.” If you’re following @peterlbrandt, you’ll find stock tips and insight on large economic changes. Brandt’s tweets focus on technical analysis, chart patterns and analytic methods for evaluating companies and markets. 
  13. Alphatrends: Expand your knowledge about current stock values and factors that affect the world market index. Professional trader and finance author Brian Shannon shares fresh information about large trends and big companies. You’ll find coverage on large-cap companies, video analyses and short-term trading tips backed by research. 
  14. Maoxian: Based in Beijing, C. Maoxian is an influential trader who shares his stock tips online. If you follow @maoxian, you can track the company featured in his daily trading idea. You can research the company of the day on your own, or you can get Maoxian’s complete newsletter by subscribing through www.tinyletter.com/maoxian. As a free subscriber, you can also access past recommendations. 
  15. Zerohedge: Zerohedge is a popular source for Twitter stock market information. It covers global financial markets and has earned a loyal following. Zerohedge tweets breaking news, information on political events and real-time market updates. Follow this account to get a complete look at global markets and the events that drive changes. 

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If you haven’t considered using social media sites to gather stock information and learn more about investments, these are some excellent starting points.

It’s easy to find accounts that focus on small-cap tradingswing trading, stock options and investments that fit your interests.

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