7 Most Important People in Finance Today

7 Most Important People in Finance Today – Introduction

The finance world is a very dynamic one in the world today. Every day, trillions of dollars exchange hands. In all this, certain people are very influential. Investors take their words very seriously. It is similar to other industries like entertainment where people like Beyonce have amassed a lot of influence. In this article, I will look at a few people who are very influential in the global finance world.

  • Janet Yellen

When Janet speaks, all people – including investors and presidents – listen. Janet Yellen is the chair of the federal bank in the United States. She chairs the Federal Open Market Committee that is tasked with regulating the monetary and fiscal policies. Her committee is responsible for setting interest rates, which are the drivers of the American economy. When the economy is doing well, they raise interest rates to ensure that the growth is in check and vice versa. Therefore, investors always take time to listen to her speeches and read the minutes of her meetings. By so doing, they get the impression of what might happen in the next meeting.

Equally important are chairmen of other banks like Mario Draghi of EU and Kuroda of Japan.

  • Jeff Bezos

Ordinarily, the CEO of Amazon would not appear in such an article. However, when you pay close attention to the corporate world, Jeff is perhaps the most revered people in the world. Jeff Bezos runs Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce and cloud company. Jeff has managed to disrupt industries in the United States. In retail, he is credited for making other retailers suffer. For example, when he started his company, Barnes and Nobles was the leading book seller valued at more than $10 billion. Today, the company is struggling. Other retailers like Macy’s and Sage Stores are struggling as well. His recent acquisition of Whole Foods has rattled the investment world as people don’t know what he will do next. Other industries like auto parts have also shown signs of struggle.

  • Lawrence Fink

Lawrence – Larry – Fink is the founder and CEO of BlackRock, an investment company with more than $5.6 trillion in assets under management. Larry started the firm in the 90s. Today, Blackrock owns shares in most public companies in the United States and Europe. His firm is so successful that institutions rush to invest with him. Larry is known to write long letters aimed at investors and business leaders. Whenever he speaks, investors listen.

  • Steve Schwartzman

Steve is the founder of Blackstone, a firm that manages more than $300 billion. Steve is a regular on television, events, and magazines. His firm owns stake in many public and private companies. In the United States, he is the largest owner of real estate assets. His deep knowledge on economic and corporate world makes him one of the most influential people in Wall Street. He also heads the economic committee in Trump’s administration.

  • Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world with more than $150 billion in assets under management. The company has managed to perform well over the years even as other hedge funds slow down. Ray Dalio is known for his macro views and his management style. For example, at the company, all meetings are recorded and all workers are given the freedom to criticize the senior management. Ray regularly writes his opinions which are widely covered in Wall Street.

  • Jorge Paulo

Not many people know Jorge Paulo but his influence in the global financial world is unapparelled. Jorge is the Brazilian founder of 3G Capital, a company that invests in other companies. 3G is known for his mega deals which it partners with Warren Buffet. This year, they announced their proposed takeover bid for Unilever, a deal so large only a few companies would manage it. The deal did not work out which has opened the company to other acquisition offers. For example, fast moving consumer goods like Charles and Dwight are currently trading higher because of the expected consolidation.

  • Warren Buffet

He is the second richest person in the world today. He runs Berkshire Hathaway, a multibillion investment company. In 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, he was approached by Wall Street and government elite to invest in banking stocks. He now owns the largest stake in Goldman Sachs, the leading Wall Street bank. He also owns the biggest insurance companies in the world.

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