CSE-Listed Securities on Nasdaq Canada Available Tomorrow – Introduction

Please be advised that Wednesday, April 4, 2018, all three Nasdaq Canada venues—CXC, CX2, and CXD—made CSE-listed securities available to trade.

The same fee schedules that are currently in place for CXC, CX2, and CXD on TSX-listed securities will apply to CSE-listed securities.

Note: in order to see quotes, the entitlement packages for “CXCCSE” and “CX2CSE” must be enabled in the Metro Entitlements process. Both packages are free.

Pricing Highlights

  • Securities below $1.00 are FREE to take and $0.0001 to post/provide liquidity on CXC and CXD
  • Active trades sent to CX2 will result in a $0.0010 per share rebate
  • CXD is FREE on executions below $1.00 (active) and charges $0.0003 per share for securities trading between $1.00–$5.00 (active/passive)

Please see the Fee Table or the official Nasdaq website for a complete list of fees.

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