Five Practices That Will Make You a Better Day Trader

Five Practices That Will Make You a Better Day Trader – Introduction 

Inexperienced traders are known for their enthusiasm about the market. This is because they believe that the financial industry will make them a lot of money. This enthusiasm tends to cool down as soon as they start trading and start losing money. On the other hand, experienced traders are known to be cautious about the market. They know that they can lose money in the market and so, they always take calculated risks. This article will highlight a few things that will make you a better trader.

Risk Management

This is the process of reducing the risks you take. It comes from the understanding that any trade that you make could expose you to risks. Therefore, proper risk management practices will help you reduce the chances of losing a lot of money. Some of the risk management strategies you can embrace today are: always using a stop loss, always using small volumes, and not being overleveraged. By embracing these principles, you will be at a good position to reduce the risks you are exposed to.

Learn From Mistakes

Trading is a very good school that educates the inexperienced traders and the experienced ones as well. The best way to become a better trader is to embrace the mistakes that you make and learn from them. For example, if you lose money because you did not have a stop loss, you should do your best to learn from that mistake. If you lose money because of trading an asset you don’t have a good understanding of, you should learn from that mistake.

A Trading Journal

Warren Buffet is almost 90 years old. He has been investing for more than 60 years. To this day, Buffet takes time to write down a trading journal. This is a document that highlights the reason why he make investments. For example, when he invests in a company, he writes down the main attributes that he sees in that company. Similarly, as a trader, you should always have a trading journal. This document will help you in future as you study the reasons for making these trades.


Another way to become a better trader is to teach upcoming traders. Experience shows us that we become better in everything the moment we start to share our experience with other people. For example, if you are a student, you will always be a better mathematician the moment you start teaching your juniors. Similarly, in trading, the moment you start teaching new traders, you will become a better trader. Remember, unlike other businesses, there is no risk of competition in the trading business.

Take time off

An old saying says that too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Similarly, a lot of trading without taking time off is a dangerous thing for you. This is because it presents you with a lot of health risks. Therefore, it is important that you take your time off. You can use this time to relax with your family, travel the world, and read new books. The time that you take off will help you become more energized.

Five Practices That Will Make You a Better Day Trader  – UsefulTips

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