Forex Traders – Who You Must Follow

To be a successful trader, you need to stay ahead of the crowd. You need to have a credible source of information that is delivered faster. Twitter is one of the best tools to achieve this. In the past, people relied on newspapers and TV to receive news. This information was delayed as editors verified it. Today, with Twitter, news is first delivered and then verified later. In this article, I will look at some of the best forex traders accounts to follow.

#1 – Kathy Lien (@kathylienfx)

Kathy Lien is one of the most vocal forex traders in the world. She has authored three best-selling books about trading. She is also a partner at a forex related hedge fund. She writes in her website on a daily basis on currency strategies. Following Kathy will give you a fresh perspective on forex trading.

#2 – Jonathan Ferro (@FerroTV)

Jonathan Ferro is one of the most talented business reporters and forex traders in the world. He hosts a number of shows in Bloomberg TV. His expertise revolves about fundamental and technical analysis. On a number of occasions, he has won their Bloomberg Battle of the Charts. His Twitter account will give you fresh news as they break.

#3 – Mark Burton (@MarkBartonTV)

Mark is also a Bloomberg TV anchor. He hosts his Countdown show in their London office. Barton, though laid back, is also one of the best financial anchors in the world today. He has a grasp understanding of the world’s financial market. His Twitter account is exceptional for all financial related news.

#4 – Donald Trump (@RealDonaldJTrump)

Donald Trump is a presidential candidate in the US general election. His candidature makes him one of the most influential people in the finance world. In the past, many traders had ignored his candidature but as new polls show, there are high chances that he could become the next president. His Twitter account is super-active. Therefore, following him will give you fresh perspectives about the current political environment/

#5 – Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)

Hillary is the frontrunner in the US election. Though her poll numbers have reduced recently, she remains ahead of Donald Trump. Therefore, what she says about the economy or a company could have significant repercussions to the market. Remember, in 2015, she talked about the pharmaceutical industry which led to a decline in pharma stocks.

#6 – Francine Laqua (@Flacqua)

Francine is a leading financial television personality. She is the host of The Pulse, a show that airs from the London bureau. She also hosts Surveillance with Tom Keene who is based in New York. Francine has won awards for her duties at Bloomberg. She has also interviewed top leaders such as Tidjane Thiam (CEO Credit Suisse) and William Ackman among others. She has also attended the World Economic Forum for more than 10 years.

#7 – Jim Cramer (@JimCramer)

Jim is one of the most active forex traders in the world. He is mostly active during the US market session. He is the founder of The Street a company that provides financial forecasting. He is also a host of Mad Money at CNBC. His Twitter account will give you a fresh thought of the current financial market on a daily basis.

#8 – Steen Jacobsen (@Steen_Jakobsen)

Steen is the Chief Investment Officer at Saxobank, a leading brokerage firm. Steen appears regularly at CNBC and Bloomberg. His insights and experience makes him a favorite among traders and investors. Following his Twitter account will give you an edge in trading by breaking news and also providing insights of future price action.

#9 – Casey Stubs (@caseystubbs)

Casey is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, a company that offers a number of forex related services. Casey is a technical trading expert who has done this for more than 10 years. On a daily basis, he posts about forex and how he things the market will react.

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