Gap & Go: One of the Simplest Strategies of Day Trading

The gap and go strategy is one of the popular ones, especially among small-cap stock traders. As the name suggests, the goal is to identify a gap and then either follow it or short it.

In this article, we will look at what a gap is and how you can use the gap and go strategy well.

What is a gap in trading?

A gap refers to a situation where the price of a financial asset opens sharply higher or lower. The strategy can be used in both stocks, currencies, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and commodities.

You can use it in both day trading, scalping, swing trading, and even long-term or position trading. The chart below is an example of a down-gap shown on the Nikola stock.

The chart below shows an up-gap on the Nikola stock.

Main outcomes

As seen above, there are usually two main outcomes when a gap happens:

  • The asset’s price can continue moving in the direction of the gap
  • The price can have a gap and then start reversing

As you will see below, this partly depends on the main cause of the gap and the prior chart formation.

The Key Concept of Morning Gappers

Causes of gaps in the market

There are several main causes of gaps in the financial market. Here is a quick view among the most notable ones.

Economic data

A common cause of a gap in the forex market is economic data like employment numbers, manufacturing and services PMIs, and interest rate decisions.

For example, if the US releases weak economic numbers, it is possible that you will see a gap in the EUR/USD pair. Similarly, if the country releases strong numbers, you will often see a gap.


For stocks, a main cause of gaps is earnings. In most cases, when a company reports strong earnings, you will often see a gap-up. Similarly, if it releases weak earnings, you will tend to see a gap-down.

This happens as long-term investors digest the numbers and shift their allocation. Existing investors can add to their positions in case of strong numbers. They can also scale-down their acquisitions in case of weak numbers.

Mergers and acquisitions

Another cause of gaps is mergers and acquisitions. In most cases, when a deal is announced, the stock of the company being acquired will have a gap-up since the acquirer will need to pay a premium.

A good example of this is what happened recently to Entain shares after MGM expressed its interest. As you can see below, when the stock opened, it gapped-up.

Analyst pick

At times, the stock of a company will have an up or down-gap when there is an analyst pick. For example, if analysts at a company like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley raises or lowers their target, you will often see the stock gapping upwards or downwards.

Important investor

Last but not least, another cause of a gap-up or gap-down is when there is an important investor in the market. For example, when someone like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, or Bill Ackman announces a position, the stock will often rise.

How to trade the gap and go strategy

The process of trading the gap and go strategy is a relatively easy one. First, you need to identify when the gap has formed. To do this, we recommend that you use premarket screeners to find the most active stocks. Some of the most popular screeners are provided by and Market Chamelion.

The chart below shows the most active Nasdaq 100 stocks in the pre-market at the time of writing. premarket screeners

Find answers

The next stage is to identify the reasons for the gapping-up. Ideally, when there is a major gap, it is usually accompanied by a reason. For example, in the chart above, we see that Intel’s stock fell by more than 5.68%. A deeper dive shows that the reason for the price action is that the company reported weak earnings.

As you do this, try and identify the volume of the financial asset. In most cases, when a gap is accompanied by high volume, it means that it will continue in its direction.

Have a watchlist

A good way to find these answers is to have a watchlist. A watchlist is a tool that gives you the main reasons why stocks are gapping up and downwards. At DTTW™, our team provides a good watchlist that you can use to identify opportunities.

You can subscribe to such a market watchlist here.

Identify potential support and resistance levels

The next stage is where you identify potential support and resistance levels. A good way to do this is to expand the chart. If you use an hourly chart, you can expand it to the daily or four-hour chart to see the potential levels.

For example, in the hourly Nikola chart shown above, you can see the gap. Now, if we expand it to the weekly chart, we see an important support level at $16. Therefore, if the price moves below the support, it means that bulls are in total control, which will see the price continue falling.


The gap and go strategy is one of the most important ones in the financial market because of how often it forms and how easy it is to use it.

In this article, we have looked at the causes of gaps and a simple way of using the strategy in the market. We recommend that you combine it with indicators and other tools like level 2 and time and sales.

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