Here Is Why You Should Start Your Trading Floor – Introduction

Being a trader is an exciting thing. As a trader, you participate in an industry that is growing fast and one where you can learn new things every day. You also get to make money whether the market is on an upward or downward trajectory. One way of making more money and having more fun as a trader is starting your own trading floor. In this article, I will highlight the top reasons why you should start a floor.

  • A good business idea

Many people are searching for the next top idea. They want to find an idea that will make them rich. You can decide to start a new business in any field. You should however remember that most startup businesses fail. Therefore, you can take the gamble of starting a new business that has not been tested before or start a trading floor, an idea that has already been tested. Many people from around the world have started their floors and have become successful.

  • Low startup capital

Contrary to other businesses, starting a trading floor does not require a lot of money to get started. You can start a trading floor with less than $10,000. This is an incredible business in that the starting capital is no much but the returns might be huge. I know some people who run multimillion dollar trading floors who started by investing only a small amount of money on it. Therefore, you don’t need to start your trading floor with a lot of money. To set up your floor, you only need a fast internet, quality computers, and a trading platform.

  • Huge Potential

At Day Trade The World (DTTW), we have a lot of floors in all continents. We have seen first-hand people start their floors with just a few thousand dollars and convert it into millions of dollars within a few years. This means that there is a lot of potential for any trader to make it big in this business. This is simply because when you have skills, you can make money no matter the direction the market is moving.

  • Being a manager

Starting a trading floor gives you a chance to be your own manager. To start a good floor, you need a team of at least 6 people who will be trading for you. Your role will be the manager of your floor. Therefore, if you are looking at being a manager, starting a trading floor can be a good way to start.

  • Flexibility

The global financial market is usually open daily for 24 hours. Having a trading floor gives you a chance to be involved in the financial market for all these hours. You can adjust the times when your floor will be open depending on the time your team likes. Therefore, you don’t have to work in the normal working hours. We have seen some floor owners trading at night when the market is not very volatile. Others love volatility and trade during the day when there is a lot of news come in.

  • Growth

Havin a trading floor opens you to a world of a lot of growth. If your trading floor is very successful, chances are high that you can easily raise more money to have a fully-fledged hedge fund. The steps to doing this are not even hard. If you have a proven track record, you will have a chance to raise a lot of money from individual and corporates who will manage money for you.

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