How to Rebuild Your Trading Floor After Weak Performance

How to Rebuild Your Trading Floor After Weak Performance - Introduction

Running a trading floor can be fun. It is especially better when you have a lot of interests in finance and investments. Although I am biased, I believe running a trading floor or being a trader is the most interesting careers anyone can take. Consider that you don’t need to pay for an office. In most countries, you don’t need to pay taxes and above all, all you need is a computer and a high-quality internet connection.

However, like in all businesses, having a trading floor has its own ups and downs. In certain times, the market will go against you and unfortunately, you will make losses. Many trading floors have been shut after a series of mistakes. In this article, I will highlight the key steps you need to follow when rebuilding your trading floor.

  • You are not the only one

It is said that misery loves company. This means that when you are in trouble, chances are that you will be at peace knowing that other people are in trouble also. The pain is usually much if you are alone. If your trading floor is going through challenges, you are not the only one. Also, you are not the first. The fact is that many trading floors and hedge funds have gone through worse challenges and emerged successfully.

A good example is Bill Ackman who runs Pershing Square Capital, a hedge fund with more than $10 billion in assets. Before starting the fund, Bill used to run another fund called Gotham Partners with his friend. After a series of bad investments in real estate, Bill was forced to shut down his fund. Today, Bill is one of the most prominent people in Wall Street and his fund has had major wins in the stock market.

  • Identify the mistakes

To be in the current situation, chances are that you made one or several mistakes. It could be you or one of your traders.

To start over again, you need to identify the source of the mistakes. Without doing this, chances are that you will continue making the same mistakes.

Perhaps you hired the wrong people. Could be that your management skills were not the best. It could also be that you encouraged your traders to take very big risks.

There are many mistakes that you could have done. The right thing is to identify these mistakes and work towards correcting them.

  • Start afresh

After establishing the mistakes, you need to start afresh now. Do the best that you can to ensure that everything in the new floor is new. If the mistake came from a trader, ensure that you fire him. It is better for you to make enemies than make friends in a business that is deteriorating. The new floor should have a new way of doing things. In all, you should introduce a new culture in the floor.

  • Grow slowly

One of the main reasons why most trading floors fail is because of the amount of risks investors take. To achieve the goal of high returns, traders end up taking too much risks. The higher the risks, the higher the returns. Equally, the higher the risks, the higher the chances of losing money. Therefore, the goal of your new floor should be to achieve slow but steady growth.

  • Be extremely vigilant

Since this is your new attempt to rebuild your fund, you should ensure that you are extra-vigilant. Being this vigilant ensures that the past mistakes are not repeated. It also means that you should go an extra mile to prevent making mistakes. For example, you should set new rules to your traders. The new rules should be about returns and preventing mistakes from happening.

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