August 14, 2017, Day Trade The World™ released the following destinations for the BATS gateway. These destinations are available for the AM, NQ, and NY markets.

ALLB: Routes to BATS Book, then other BATS exchanges
RDOT: Routes to BATS Book, then DRT and NYSE
ROOC: This order type automatically participates in auctions on halted symbols
ROUZ: This order type routes to BATS Book, then DRT
TRIM2: This order type routes to BATS Book, BYX Book, DRT, Boston Exchange, EDGA, and IEX
DRT stands for Dark Routing Technique, which means it is routed through dark pools which offer price improvement and lower fees.
For more information about these order types, read our Order Type Reference Guide or the BATS Routing Strategies document.

If you have any questions or comments, please create a mojo.

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