Friday, April 28, 2017.

Day Trade The World™ released a new destination for use in the NY, NQ, and AM markets.

This destination, called Super Router, will be under the gateway SUPR. It will route to 98% of displayed liquidity as well as give you access to hidden midpoint liquidity. If shares remain unexecuted after routing, they are posted to the NSDQ book.

This route has Limit Day/IOC and Market orders available. For details on the fees associated with this route, see the following table.


GatewayExecution DestinationFee DescriptionFee
SUPRSuper RouterSymbols >= $10.0028 per share
SUPRSuper RouterSymbols <1$28 BP

Be sure to take advantage of this new destination for trading New York, Nasdaq, and AMEX, and inform your traders accordingly.

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