Now Available: 3 New Nordic Markets & Match Now (Canadian Dark Pool)

We are pleased to announce that 4 New Equity Markets are now available for our traders to trade:

Oslo Stock Exchange Market Capitalization: US$46.2 Billion (2010) Number of listed companies: 25 Currency: NORWEGIAN KRONE The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: OSLO) serves as the main market for trading in the shares of Norwegian companies. It opens at 9:00am and closes 4:30pm local time (CET). In additional to a wide range of domestic companies, the OSE attracts a lot of international companies within petroleum, shipping and other related areas. The OBX Index is a list of the 25 most liquid companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange main index. The companies have their own index common OBX index. All stocks on the OBX list can be traded with options and futures which are listed on the SOLA derivative platform. The companies on the OBX list are rotated twice a year, on the third Friday of June and December.

Stockholm Stock Exchange Market Capitalization: SEK 2,521 billion (2007) Number of listed companies: 300 Currency: SWEDISH KRONA The Stockholm Stock Exchange is a stock exchange located in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1863, it has become the primary securities exchange of the Nordic Countries. More than 300 companies have been listed for trading. The Stockholm Stock Exchange was acquired by OMX in 1998, and in 2003 the operations were merged with those of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Prior to the introduction of electronic trading on 1 June 1990, all trading was conducted on the floor of the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building. Its normal trading sessions are from 09:00am to 05:30pm on all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by the Exchange in advance.-

Copenhagen Stock Exchange Market Capitalization: US$269.7 Billion (2007) Currency: DANISH KRONE The Copenhagen Stock Exchange or CSE is an international marketplace for Danish securities, including shares, bonds, treasury bills and notes, and financial futures and options. CSE is one of the OMX Exchanges, which was founded in 2003 and since February 2008, is part of the NASDAQ OMX Group. The exchange was converted to a limited company in 1996 with share capital issued in a ratio of 60-20-20 to members, issuers of shares, and issuers of bonds. In 1997 the FUTOP Clearing Center A/S, the Danish derivatives market, became a wholly owned subsidiary. FUTOP issues, clears, and guarantees futures and options on shares, indices, and interest rate products. FUTOP products can be traded electronically. In 1998, the CSE and the Stockholmsbörsen formed the NOREX Alliance, a step toward developing a Nordic securities market. Normal trading sessions are from 09:00am to 05:00pm on all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by the exchange in advance.

MATCH Now (Canadian Dark Pool) MATCH Now is the first Canadian marketplace to offer price-improved execution for institutional, proprietary, and retail order flow, all in one place. MATCH Now connects broker-dealers and their clients to a diverse liquidity pool within a confidential, broker-neutral marketplace. MATCH Now is a non-quoting marketplace where order information is not visible to other traders. A proprietary algorithm automatically matches buy and sell orders. Designed to offer better execution for institutional, proprietary and retail order flow, MATCH Now combines frequent call matches and continuous execution opportunities in a fully confidential trading book. Related Links:


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