If you have an active trading floor with Day Trade The World™ – or will be starting one soon – you can trade the Moscow Exchange.

OJSC “Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS” is the largest exchange in Russia and Eastern Europe both in terms of turnover and the extensive client base. It was created in December 2011 after the merger of the country’s two leading exchanges, MICEX and RTS. The Moscow Exchange ranks among the world’s top 20 exchanges by value of securities traded and market capitalization. It is also the 9th largest exchange worldwide by derivatives trading. This is part of our goal to give you access to all the 137 electronically traded exchanges around the world so you can make more money. To trade all the 60+ markets, you will have to open a Trading Floor with us. We give you the capital to trade, our precision-engineered PPRO8 software, support and training.

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