Please be advised that effective Thursday, May 4, 2017, fee changes will take effect on the NYMEX and ICE Futures gateways, for specific contracts, as detailed in the following table.
GatewayContract CodeCurrencyOld FeeNew Fee
NYMXCLUSD1.15 (Per contract)1.85 (Per contract)
IFEUZGBP0.28 (Per contract)0.60 (Per contract)
IFEURGBP0.28 (Per contract)0.60 (Per contract)
IFEULGBP0.28 (Per contract)0.60 (Per contract)
IFEUIGBP0.28 (Per contract)0.60 (Per contract)
IFEUSGBP0.28 (Per contract)0.60 (Per contract)
IFEUBRNUSD0.82 (Per contract)1.22 (Per contract)
IFEUWBSUSD0.655 (Per contract)1.22 (Per contract)

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