NYSE Expanding Trading to All Reg NMS Securities – Introduction

The NYSE has announced the expansion of NYSE electronic and floor trading to all Reg NMS securities beginning  Monday, April 9, 2018, and completing by the end of the month. The symbol migration schedule will be as follows:

Trade DateSymbol RangeCumulative Symbol CountTapesListing Venues
Monday, April 9, 2018, through Friday, April 20, 2018Y-Z56B,CNYSE Arca, NYSE American, Cboe BZX, Nasdaq
Monday, April 23, 2018N-Z2086B,CNYSE Arca, NYSE American, Cboe BZX, Nasdaq
Wednesday, April 25, 2018A-Z5424B,CNYSE Arca, NYSE American, Cboe BZX, Nasdaq
As a result, the NYSE will update its fees for Tape B and C securities as follows:
TAPE C SecuritiesCurrentNew
Liquidity FlagODSDODSD
10.0027531 BP0.00330 BP
2-0.00120.0000-0.002no change
110.003031 BPno change30 BP
TAPE B SecuritiesCurrentNew
Liquidity FlagODSDODSD
A and AB and AZ and ASB0.00000.0000-0.0020
AML and AMZ0.000225 BP-0.0010
R and RI and RZ and RIZ0.000225 BP0.00330BP
RML and RMZ0.000225 BP0.00330BP
RND and RNZ0.000225 BP0.00330BP
RRT and RRM0.000225 BP0.00330BP
RDB and RDM and RDZ0.000225 BP0.00330BP










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