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Indonesia Stock Exchange

New Market Added: Indonesia Stock Exchange

The $4-billion Asian stock market is now available for all our traders to trade. Find more information on this wiki page Photo By Swifant  Related Links: How To Trade Stocks – How To Trade Stocks Online & Trade Stocks Online  Stock Market Simulator – Stock Simulator & Trading Simulator  Trading Style – Scalper & Swing…

Interview with a Trading Floor Manager

TORONTO – With more than 9 years of experience as Trading Floor Manager, Shawn (33) is one of the most active Day Trade The World™’s Trading Floor Owners. He spent a few minutes with us to answer some frequently asked questions. Read them below. Shawn, what do you like the most about this business idea?…
Live of successful trader

What is the Typical Day Like in the Career of a Day Trader?

The Excitement of Stock Trading – the Best There is! Imagine a career where, when you wake up, the only sure thing about your work day is that it will be full of excitement. As a day trader, you really never know what will happen during the day. You get into the trading floor, say…
Successful Stocks Trader

Can a Successful Stock Trader Run a Successful Trading Floor?

The question that gets asked by most traders! The answer to this question is: yes, it is easy to run a successful trading floor, as long as you understand what it means to run a trading floor. To run a successful trading floor, you really don’t even need to have ever traded. You just need…
Stock Markets

Which Stock Markets are the Best Markets to Day Trade?

There are more than you think! When selecting a stock market to trade there are many things a day trader must consider. First off, any stock market in the world can be a great one to day trade. As long as the stock market itself is eligible for day trading. The stock market must allow…

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