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Here you can find posts on subjects as wide-ranging as:

  • Explanation and guide about Technical indicators
  • In-depth analysis of specific listed companies
  • News that can result in market moves
  • Useful tips you can use to built your winning trading strategies

As you know, reading fresh news is one of the most important activity a day trader does, either before the opening bell or during the trading day.

But understand what you are reading and how it can affect the markets is just as important!

But no, we don’t give you the key for the heaven. Or, at least, not in this way.

It might seem impossible for you – expecially at the beginning – to master all the nuances of trading (we have a whole team that write and help the growth of this blog).

This is why we suggest that you focus on just one or two topics at first, if you want to become an independant trader.

This can change if you want to build a team and open your own trading office, or if you just have one.

→ How to Get Rich by Starting Your Own Trading Office

Please understand: reading and studying is just a part of day trading (yes, one of the most important, we have just said, but a part in any case). And if you are not confident in your skills, you have to train them.

Don’t trade in random mode!

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All that remains is to wish you, simply: good reading and good trades!


Options Trading: Options Trading Strategies & Software

Employing Options Trading: Options Trading Strategies & Tips  can be an astute and potentially lucrative plan of action for stock market investors who are looking to maximize their success in the trading arena. The following seven investing tactics are bullish options trading strategies that every investor should know. Read on and learn some options trading basics.

Options Trading Strategies - Definitions  

1) LONG CALL A long call gives traders the right to purchase shares of a stock at a specific price. These options trading strategies offers investors all of the benefits of owning a stock outright while putting much less capital at risk. Each individual contract controls 100 shares of a stock. If the stock price rises, the upside is virtually unlimited. If it drops, losses are limited to the initial investment. This is a good way to learn from the options trading tutorial.

2) COVERED CALL In a covered call, investors sell a call option against a stock they hold in an attempt to generate extra income on the asset. These options trading strategies and options trading tips  comes into play when an investor likes a stock but has a neutral opinion on its short-term prospects. An investor profits from this strategy when the stock trades relatively flat through the option's expiration date.

3) PROTECTIVE PUT A protective put acts as a form of an insurance policy on a stock. The cost of a protective put can limit an investor's gain if the stock price increases while greatly reducing risk in the event the price of the shares plummets. Investors often use this options trading strategies in volatile stock sectors such as biotechnology. Important term in options trading for dummies.

4) BULL CALL SPREAD With a bull call spread, an investor buys call options trading strategies at a certain strike price and simultaneously sells the same number of calls at a higher strike. Investors who foresee a moderate increase in the price of the underlying stock can benefit from bull call spreads. This strategy offers a slightly limited upside but less exposure to potential losses. This strategy is better than reading many  options trading books.

5) BULL PUT SPREAD In a bull put spread, an investor buys a put option while selling a separate put options trading strategies with a higher strike price at the same time. The investor's goal is to collect the premium when the shares remain above the higher strike price and the short option expires worthless.  Traders user this a lot as their favorite options trading strategies.

6) CALL BACK SPREAD A call back spread is one of the most powerful options trading strategies for volatile stocks expected to undergo major moves. It entails selling a call while purchasing more calls at a higher strike price. If the stock falls, the result is basically neutral. If the stock surges, the upside is virtually unlimited.

7) NAKED PUT With a naked put, investors obligate themselves to purchase a stock at a specific price. The underlying market price is irrelevant. This strategy allows investors to purchase shares of a desirable stock at a discount if the price falls. Investors also collect a premium on the put. This is one of the most popular options trading strategies.  Also a popular options trading example.  Hope you enjoyed the options trading education.

Options Trading Strategies - Useful Links

  • Definitions of Options Trading Strategies  on Investopedia
  • Another definition of Options Trading Strategies  on Wikipedia
  • Another Useful resource about Options Trading Strategies  in InvestorPlace

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