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  • Useful tips and strategies you can use to build winning trading strategies

Staying current by reading the news is one of the most important activities a day trader can do—and is one of the reasons why we've created this blog.

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crude oil terms

Trade Oil: 21 Essential Terms you must know!

21 Essential Terms to Trade Oil Crude oil is one of the most important industries to trade. This is because of its liquidity and the dynamism in the industry. In crude, you can always expect new news every day. To become an exceptional oil trader, it is very important to understand several terminologies. Here are …

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Blog del 4 Dicembre

Our Perspective on Platinum and Why Traders Should Take Notice

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. It is found deep inside the earth’s crust and mining it is often more expensive than gold. The major sources of platinum are in South Africa, Russia, United States, and Zimbabwe. Platinum belongs to a class of metals called Platinum Group Metals (PMGs). The other metals …

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Blog del 9 ottobre

A Guide to Trading in Global Stocks

At Day Trade the World (DTTW), we offer traders from around the world an opportunity to trade stocks from many exchanges from around the world. By giving them the access to these markets, the traders are able to take opportunities as they come. For example, if it’s a low volatility day in the US stocks, …

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LMS update communications ottobre

Settlements Lesson and ERP Now Available in LMS

We are pleased to announce that a new lesson on Settlements is now available in LMS. The English version has been posted for all offices, while the Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish versions are being worked on and will be posted soon. We strongly recommend that all office managers and finance reps take this lesson to gain …

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Blog del 18 settembre

Useful Tips to Start and Run a Successful Trading Floor

At Day Trade the World, we specialize in trading floors. To date, we have trading floors in many countries. Most of our traders have achieved significant success with many making hundreds of thousands of dollars every week. We have operated for more than ten years. During this time, we have had the chance to interact …

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