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Will Crude Oil Continue Powering Up?

Will Crude Oil Continue Powering Up? – Introduction Last week, one of the most hurting news was a Wall Street Journal article on T. Boone Pickens. For those new to the world of crude oil trading, Pickens is one of the best-known traders and investors in the industry. He is the founder of BP Capital,…
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21 Essential Terms to Trade Oil

21 Essential Terms to Trade Oil – Introduction Crude oil is one of the most important industries to trade. This is because of its liquidity and the dynamism in the industry. In crude, you can always expect new news every day. To become an exceptional oil trader, it is very important to understand several terminologies.…
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Is NOW the Best Time to Trade?

Why Now is the Best Time to be a Trader – Introduction We are living in interesting times. From a monetary policy side of view, central bankers are talking about normalization. In the United States, the Fed has already started the process. Last year, the FOMC raised interest rates three times and this year, they…
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3 Steps to Effective Technical Analysis

How to Perform Technical Analysis – Introduction Financial instruments move up and down mostly because of financial news and economic data. Investors and traders use this data to forecast the future situation of the stocks, currencies, indices, futures, and commodities. The use of news and economic data is the most important part of any analysis.…
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The Secrets to Making Your Money Work for You

The Secrets to Making Your Money Work for You – Introduction One of the most globally recognizable books of all time is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book gives a tale between two fathers. One is an educated father who values education so much. He insists that his son must work hard at…