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us dollar trading

How to Trade the US Dollar and the Dollar Index

The US dollar is the world’s best-known currency. It is used around the world for trade and most governments hold it as a reserve currency. It is also one of the most stable currencies in the world. In this report, we will look at how you can trade the US dollar as a currency. We…
reading the tape

Is Reading The Tape Still Important for Day Traders?

Traders use various strategies to win in the market. There are those traders who focus mostly on fundamental analysis like the news and economic data. There are others who focus on technical analysis and those who use price action. At the same time, there are traders who combine these strategies with reading the tape. In…
Cybercrime Trading

Cybercrime Trading : How to do it and Protect Yourself

Cyber Security: How to Trade and Protect Yourself  Equifax is one of the three biggest credit bureaus in the United States. The company is a member of an oligopoly that controls the credit industry in the United States (the other companies are Experian and TransUnion). In september 2017, Equifax announced that its systems had been…
fractional shares

Fractional Shares are a good idea for Day Traders!

A fractional share is a slice of the full share or ETF. It results from various corporate actions such as dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) or stock splits. The stocks of highly-valued companies such as Tesla are usually expensive. For instance, Tesla is currently trading at over $2,200. Not everyone can raise that amount. Fortunately, a…
range bound markets

How to Trade Profitably in Range Bound Markets

A few months ago, volatility in the financial market was rising as uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic continued. Many traders benefited from this volatility. However, recently, several financial assets have remained in a range. A good example of this is crude oil, which has seen little action in the past few week as shown below.…

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