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Donchian Channel

Donchian Channel: How to identify Breakouts and Reversal

Technical analysis is the most important method that Wall Street and other professional traders use to gauge the movement of financial assets. It is the same model that has helped create the biggest algorithmic trading companies like Renaissance Technologies, the hedge fund ran by Jim Simmons! In the past few weeks, we have continued our…
Detrended Price Oscillator

Detrended Price Oscillator: Full guide for Day Traders

DPO is the best solution if you want to remove the noise of the price movements Day trading is one of the most interesting and unique things you can do. It is interesting because of everything that happens in the market every day. It is unique because of how traders from around the world make…
Relative Volatility Index

Relative Volatility Index: The RVI Explained

The RSI has a (less known) ‘brother’, the RVI (Relative Volatility Index). Here is all you need to know about it A few weeks ago, we looked at the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which is one of the most popular indicators in use today. You have certainly heard about the indicator if you watch popular…
moving average envelopes

Day Trading with Moving Average Envelopes in 2020

A full guide about this easy-to-use indicator Technical indicators are essential when it comes to trading. Traders use indicators to project where the price of an asset will go to. As we have written before, there are several types of indicators. There are oscillators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) that show when a price…
Point and Figure Chart

How to Trade with a Point & Figure Charting Strategy

Not only Candlestick and Bar Chart. You can trade using The Point and Figure chart too. A common old saying says talks about the many ways of skinning a cat. The same analogy can be applied in the world of financial trading. Millions of traders participate in the industry every day, and each of these…

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