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simple moving average

Simple Moving Average: How to Calculate and Day Trade with It

Moving averages are among the most common types of technical indicators in the financial market. If you watch financial media like CNBC and Bloomberg regularly, you must have heard about the indicators. There are several types of moving averages, including exponential moving average (EMA), weighted moving average, and simple moving average. In this report, we…
share offerings

A Deep Dive into Share Offerings and how to Trade them

Companies are always in need for capital, especially during this coronavirus period. To achieve this, firms have several options. Private companies can sell their shares to the public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). They can also issue debt by going to banks or issue bonds by going direct to the market. The same is…
swing trading

Swing Trading in the Markets? Here’s all You Need to Know

There are several types of traders in the financial market. There are scalpers, who open trades and close them within seconds. On the other hand, there are day traders who specialise in opening and closing trades within a day. There are long-term traders who open trades and leave them for weeks or months. In this report,…
trailing stop order

Why you should Consider Trailing Stop Orders for your Strategy

There are two broad types of orders in the financial market. First, there is a market order, in which you ask the broker to initiate the trade at the exact moment. This is the most common type of order among most new traders. Second, there is a limit order, which directs the broker to initiate…

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