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proprietary trading

What is Proprietary Trading (plus Strategies for 2020)

Trading in the financial market is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Indeed, today, millions of people are doing it around the world. Also, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it has become the main cash cow for most large banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. In this report, we will look…
Trading Tips Successful Trader

20 (and more) Day Trading Tips: How to be a Successful Trader!

Trading is a Business. When you are a full-time trader, the fact is that you are actually an entrepreneur. You have possibly seen the high-flying hedge fund managers like Dan Loeb. They run their billion-dollar hedge funds as businesses. Well, this is the only difference between you and them. Possibly, your account has less than…
heikin ashi day trading

Heikin-Ashi in Day Trading: What it is and How to Use it

Heikin-Ashi is an advanced chart used in the financial market. The term heikin means average in Japanese while ashi means pace. Subsequently, the chart means the average movements of prices. When applied, the chart shows a close resemblance to the popular Japanese candlestick patterns. In reality, like we will explain below, they are usually different.…
stock catalyst

How to use Stock Catalyst to Spot Hot Trades

Simply put, a stock catalyst is any information that triggers the dramatic movement of a company’s shares. At times, the catalyst may be news that directly affect the firm. For instance, a company’s earnings release is likely to result in the downward or upward movement of its share price. At the same time, information from…
kagi chart

Kagi Chart: Strategies & Tips for Day Traders

There are several types of chart types in the financial markets. The most popular types of charts are the candlesticks, bar charts, and the line charts. The candlesticks are usually preferred by most traders because of the significant information that they offer. Bar charts are not popular while line charts are mostly used to show…

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