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How to Use the Fisher Transform Indicator in the Markets

Technical indicators are essential tools that help traders of all sizes predict how stocks, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and other assets will move. In the past few months, we have explored some of the popular indicators like the Relative Strength Index and other unpopular ones like the Keltner Channel. In this report, we will look at the…

VWAP Indicator: Why you should Include it in your Strategy

Volume is one of the most important concepts in the market. A sharper move that is not supported by higher volume tends to be a sign of a false breakout. Therefore, as the name suggests, the average price weighted by volume (VWAP) is the average price of a financial asset that is weighted by volume.…

Top Financial Assets to Trade during Exceptional Events

In recent months, the amount of volatility in the market has increased exceptionally because of the coronavirus pandemic and the risks it poses to the world economy. According to most estimates, the world could go through a depression as many companies disappear. Still, this is not the only time volatility has been in the market.…

Dow Theory: a Closer Look at the Basis of Technical Analysis

A Closer Look at the Dow Theory and How to Use in the Market The pandemic of Coronavirus has not only affected people’s health, but it has also destabilized the global economy. The result is consistent volatility in the stock market. On the one hand, such an unsteady setup equates to high risks. However, any successful…

Smart Money Index: How new Traders can Save their Money

How to Use the Smart Money Index in the Financial Market There are two main types of traders in the financial market. There are the experienced traders and hedge fund managers, who are also known as the smart money. These traders have decades of experience in the industry, and They know how to spot trends…

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