We are pleased to announce the release of PPro8 Queensbury 1.12.3. This version fixes several known issues and adds new functionality.

New Features: Cancel Replace Traders can now adjust the size of an order down (ie. from 1000 to 800) without losing priority in queue. This is accessible by right-clicking on an order in HistoryLog Cancel Resend Trader can now cancel an order and resend a new one in one action from the History Log. This is accessible by right-clicking on an order in HistoryLog.

History Log Audible Alert Traders can setup short audible alert notifying him when an order is filled or partial filled.

Note: In order for you to see all information in HistoryLog, please delete the HistoryLog.xml file before installing the new version. You can then open a new instance of HistoryLog to see all columns.

Stock Window Display Accepted Orders Accepted orders will be highlighted in level 2 under consolidated book (++++).

API Option to write market data to a file by symbol or feed type. Writing by feed type will allow registration of more symbols.

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